Real Love & Self Control…Hug me as tight as you can!

Day 18 of the “Wild Kids, Wild God – 31 Days looking at God’s Heart“ Series.

With three little ones running/crawling around the house, a quiet moment with my eldest son is rare. When it comes, I snuggle him close and rustle his hair. He usually looks up and says, “Hug me as tight as you can!”  My response is usually,”I don’t want to hurt you.” But he insists, “Pleeeaase!” Yes, I’ve squeezed pretty tight, but at some point I back off lest I hurt him.fruit of the spirit

Self control is maybe the hardest characteristic/trait on the list of 9 “Fruits of the Spirit” we should be cultivating in our lives. But it’s a necessary one. Without it we can become weapons of destruction, against ourselves and others.

I’d never hold my 7month old baby as tightly as I’d like. I recently realized I clamp down my lips whenever I hold my kids–I think I’m subconsciously compensating for the restraint in my embrace!

But discussing self-control and restraint may seem silly if we think about babies. What about other things? How controlled is my tongue when I’m angry? Or my appetite when icecream is in the house. Can a man keep his eyes on his wife? Can a politician check desire for personal gain and refuse a lobby bribe? Continue reading “Real Love & Self Control…Hug me as tight as you can!”

5 Lessons from “Frozen” I didn’t See Coming…

I’d been avoiding Frozen like the plague. A few bad frozenDisney experiences, including watching my son hyperventilate when Nemo got taken, and well, “kids” movies aren’t always for kids.

But that’s not the only reason. The “Pharisee” (keep-out -all-things-not-blatantly-“God”) in me still creeps up. Thankfully God is bigger than any wall I’ll ever build around myself…

So after a long refusal, I finally accepted a nudging invitation to watch the film. AND I’M SO GLAD I DID!

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Present yet Invisible: How to Keep Hope in Despair

It was a big deal. My kids were watching the Disney classic, Cinderella for the first time. I sat with them, enjoying the nostalgia and reliving the story. Can you imagine a life withcinderella servant that oppression and injustice…? Being a slave in your own home?

Isn’t this happening to all Humanity at this time…?

And then the dramatic scene where the sisters rip her dress to shreds. Cinderella runs to the garden, weeping and in despair. The whole atmosphere changed in our house.
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When the Ball blew away… Little Things Matter

This is part of the  “Wild Kids, Wild God- 31 Days Looking into God’s Heart” series.

The wind is blowing hard these days. I love the rushing sound and watching leaves shake and tumble–it’s like music and dancing to me!

Yesterday I was gazing out my son’s window and could see his favorite ball wedged on top of a garage roof. We couldn’t get it without danger to ourselves or the roof, so we left it, though my son loved it. Continue reading “When the Ball blew away… Little Things Matter”

Dance… Shake it Off!

This is a “5 Minute Friday” Prompt.. shout out to Kate at Heading Home for hosting! Objective: Free write for 5 minutes and stop. Simple.
Ready to rock? 3…2…1…..Go!
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Rejection, Anger, Empathy, Love: What they did to you, they did to Me [Part 1]

When my first son was small and still perfecting his toilet training technique, I took him and his newborn sister to the local shopping plaza (daring, yes). All was well until he let me know he needed to “go.” In this country it’s not common to enter a place and use the toilet. There’s a lot of resistance and most shops affirm that the bathrooms are for “employees only.” You may even get a dirty look if you walk into a restaurant and use the bathroom while not dining there. Continue reading “Rejection, Anger, Empathy, Love: What they did to you, they did to Me [Part 1]”

Are you the Black Sheep? God “Gets” You…

Day 9 of the “Wild Kids, Wild God – 31 Days looking at God’s Heart” Series.

black sheep-shepherd

I read once that children are “books for us to read, not to write” (as parents).  This really affected me. Am I too busy instilling my own stuff and not leaving room for my kids themselves? Since then I’ve tried to focus on having my kids grow in love for others and standing up for people. Beyond that, the floor is theirs. Rock out. I won’t tell a flower bud what color to bloom. Show me. Continue reading “Are you the Black Sheep? God “Gets” You…”