Transgender God, Part 2: The Motherhood of God

In Transgender God, Part 1: What’s in a Name, I shared a sensitivity with “Father” as a name for God since many have been abused by theirs. I also spoke of compassion for the #LGBTQA Community who suffer everything from name calling to persecution or death solely for their identity/love choice.

God chose the male AND female gender to express “Himself” (Genesis 1:27), and if “He” can identify with both genders,  we’d do well to accept others who do the same. After all, the Royal Law is: “Love your neighbor as yourself” (James 2:8), and last I checked no one wants a hard time, especially from strangers, on deeply personal matters like identity or marriage choice…

Treat others as you want to be treated, right?


This Wild Kids, Wild God series was always about sharing God’s Heart, and a precious though hidden revelation is found when reflecting on God as Mother.

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Transgender God, Part 1: What’s in a Name?

When I started this “Wild Kids, Wild God – 31 Days looking into God’s Heart” series, I had no idea how deep I’d go.

In recent posts of this series I started noting:

I use ‘He’ and ‘His’ as pronouns for God, but fully recognize God with both Male and Female  ‘identity’–for lack of a better word–, as evidenced by the human race and through the Bible…” Post coming soon!

This is that post, and the topic is dear to my heart. It may disturb, but can also encourage, and my desire has been, as best as I can, to put God’s Heart ‘out there,’ crazy as It may be.

So let me “come out” about this.

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5 Lessons from “Frozen” I didn’t See Coming…

I’d been avoiding Frozen like the plague. A few bad frozenDisney experiences, including watching my son hyperventilate when Nemo got taken, and well, “kids” movies aren’t always for kids.

But that’s not the only reason. The “Pharisee” (keep-out -all-things-not-blatantly-“God”) in me still creeps up. Thankfully God is bigger than any wall I’ll ever build around myself…

So after a long refusal, I finally accepted a nudging invitation to watch the film. AND I’M SO GLAD I DID!

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Dance… Shake it Off!

This is a “5 Minute Friday” Prompt…shout out to Kate at Heading Home for hosting!
Objective: Free write for 5 minutes and stop. Simple. Ready to rock? 3…2…1…..Go!

D-Don’t stop. Nobody cares and Nobody’s opinion matters….when it’s all said and done there is only One Whose opinion counts, Who truly “gets” you, and Who understands your moves and totally, absolutely Adores them. (granted, a loving, doting father and mother might catch a glimpse too…)

A-Always feel free. Your church may not let you. Your husband may not join you. But I bet your kids will jump right in. Shake it off. You were born to fly. You were born to be free. Always remember…there’s more to Life than this life. Continue reading “Dance… Shake it Off!”

What I Didn’t Say to my Son this Morning…Confessions of a Perfectionist Tongue

It’s a school holiday week here, and my husband let me sleep in (8am, woo hoo!). It was a rough night with our little one, and I came downstairs groggy. I had already been pondering the day from the bed–Will the kids listen? Will I lose my temper? (People, don’t set yourself up for failure…think positive, think of all the blessings..a home, bed, covers, and the kids are all safe together with me, put all the troubles squarely at God’s Feet. Deep breath. Ok, Let’s Go!)
My 6yr. old was sitting sweetly on the carpet watching a programme. I was about to greet him when I noticed his hair: loaded with way too much hair gel–again, smelling strongly and looked dusty. I was about to say: ‘hey, don’t you remember? Use just a bit of that stuff, ok?’

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The Ax at the Root… Why I Cut Down my Grapevine

Day 13 in the “Wild Kids, Wild God- 31 Days Looking into God’s Heart”.

Four years ago we moved into our current home and it was the first time we had a garden. Some may find it small, but it’s a treasure to us and I’ve learned a lot from the plants, especially my Grapevine.

The first year it produced a few (maybe two?) small grape clusters. The second year I tried to encourage more growth by actively pruning. There were more grapes, but also more disease, and the grapes never ripened. (Hmmm. Is God trying to tell me something?) The third year the vine produced nothing at all and I watched with frustration as it withered from rot.

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Pharaoh’s Hardened Heart–Do I Love Because I Must, or I Want to?

Day 12 in the “Wild Kids, Wild God- 31 Days Looking into God’s Heart” Series.

Whether you’re religious, Christian, Jewish, atheist… you’ve probably heard of Moses, renegade prince turned humble shepherd. His story is written in the book of Exodus  (Bible and Torah), and portrayed in many movies. In addition to receiving the 10 commandments (don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t lie…)* he was chosen to lead the Jewish nation out of slavery and oppression in Egypt into freedom.

The Jews still celebrate the amazing events that took place those thousands of years ago today (Passover) .

The story is pretty straightforward, but one passage often troubled me:moses parting sea

God tells Moses that He will harden Pharaoh’s heart. This results in Pharaoh’s refusal to let the people go free, and brings unrighteousness and greater trouble, which I normally don’t associate with God.

Also the simple statement that God will intervene on a man’s heart–call me naive but I only know God as One Who knocks on the “door” (our hearts) though He made it and holds the key. (Revelation 3:20). Continue reading “Pharaoh’s Hardened Heart–Do I Love Because I Must, or I Want to?”

Are you the Black Sheep? God “Gets” You…

Day 9 of the Wild Kids, Wild God – 31 Days looking at God’s Heart Series.

black sheep-shepherd

I read once that children are “books for us to read, not to write” (as parents).  This really affected me. Am I too busy instilling my own stuff and not leaving room for my kids themselves? Since then I’ve tried to focus on having my kids grow in love for others and standing up for people. Beyond that, the floor is theirs. Rock out. I won’t tell a flower bud what color to bloom. Show me. Continue reading “Are you the Black Sheep? God “Gets” You…”

Anything for the Kids….why I didn’t buy that nice jacket

Day 5 of the Wild Kids, Wild God – 31 Days looking at God’s Heart Series.

No amount of books can prepare you for becoming a parent. You can read about missed sleep, missed showers, missed meals, missed mind… but you can’t prepare for how that actually feels.

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Forgiveness and Forgetting–BFF

This is Day 3 of the Wild Kids, Wild God – 31 Days looking at God’s Heart Series.
Check the Introduction to the series here.

Forgiveness involves forgetting.

When I had my first child I was a bit paranoid and controlling about almost everything…what he ate, drank, saw, what gifts he got…is that organic? Does this have phthalates in it? Are you smoking..? Even before a friend wanted to hold my baby one time I asked, did you wash your hands? (Phew! So glad to be delivered from all that bondage!) Continue reading “Forgiveness and Forgetting–BFF”

Wildly Loved, but Love Burns Hot…

This is Day 2 of the Wild Kids, Wild God – 31 Days looking at God’s Heart Series.
Check the Introduction to the series here.

100 Million Sperm and only 1 gets to the egg. Let that sink in your self-confidence. My husband likes to joke: “If you’re here –alive, existing– you’re a winner…think of all the sperm that didn’t make it!”

You’re a Miracle  and I’m not the only one who thinks so…check this.

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You were Born to be Free

This is Day 1 of the Wild Kids, Wild God – 31 Days looking at God’s Heart Series.
Check the Introduction to the series here.

You were born to be free…from the moment you were growing in your mother’s womb*

Everyone on earth carries the mark of their freedom: a bellybutton. Cuddly name for something so symbolic of Life significance…

While in my womb, I nourished , breathed for and carried my son –literally– within the fibers of my being. But the womb is dark, sounds are muffled and the space is limited… he was made for more.
You were made for more….

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“Wild Kids, Wild God : 31 Days Looking into God’s Heart” [Start Here!]

Welcome! This is part of a #Write31Days Challenge whereby I hope to write a post each day (atleast, that’s the plan). But I’m not so good at doing anything ‘daily’ except waking up, so this is a challenge indeed! (Grace Please!)

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