Music & Visuals

Small collection of beautiful, thought-provoking, quirky, or heaven-touching moments..
(if you spot any broken links, pls shout!)

The Best of Times? This track blows my mind and with this video I now understand why God hides *His Beauty in the “slow” –if we could see the dance of everything, from clouds, to plants growing, aurora borrealis… we couldn’t handle it… Watch here:

The String that Ties us: A 1-Minute Lyric Video contemplating that Everything is Worthless without Love

Goddess– beautiful, multi-layered music track to bop your head and travel off in space to. Artist-Chrome Sparks.
Happy-by Pharell Williams…We are all different, can rock out in our own unique way, and because of God we experience ‘a room without a roof’!

I am Mountain-beautiful and thought-provoking video below contemplating creation and traditional idea of “church” (clip from Gungor)

Mt Zion-Johnathan Helser, worship through song-from a living room through the roof.
Entitlement-Lyric Video Clip challenging one to re-think view of life, possessions, everything.
Anchor-song from Satellite Kite (free legal download of the whole album on
“Sleep in His Peace”– beautiful, mellow playlist for rest and reflection

Real Beauty: powerful short video below of women describing themselves to a criminal portrait artist, versus the descriptions of strangers. The results are stunning.

The Kids Should See this– Collection of wonderful, beautiful, and funny things, kid-appropriate, in all genres, from dancing to science and all things in between!
A Mothers loveĀ  A poem that shares a mothers love is “proof God exists”butter-5
Why we love Dad: A humorous video clip to bless men with
Butterfly Wings up close– STUNNING, check my post on this here!
Do 1 Thing Challenge,
from the Scarlet Cord Project -Human and Child Trafficking showed with Art and Hope. We are all connected.


Blue Letter Bible -dig into original Hebrew and Greek texts of the bible to open great treasures in the words you might otherwise miss!
Bible Gateway -find the bible in many different languages and language-style versions.
The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking– fun and helpful/encouraging blog. the title says it all
Wellness Mama -natural tips and recipes galore!
Good Morning Girls -online bible studies and encouragementcombo-1
Photographic cut-ups– Creative and brilliant from: This is Colossal– “art, design and visual culture”– wanna make your own music with a computer?


2 Replies to “Music & Visuals”

  1. Oh my – I watched the Real Beauty clip – how amazing was that. I know I’d be one describing all my faults and flaws – we are so hard on ourselves. So good – thank you for posting this – I really needed to see that. What a great idea this page is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Tracey for watching! I too was touched…. as a mom my heart just breaks if I would ever hear my (or any) children say anything negative about how they look, or even how they “are.” I imagine it may be so for God hearing His Beautiful Children feeling so down about themselves. Not only does He love what He sees now, He also has the special vantage of seeing the Butterfly on the other side of Eternity…meanwhile we are just wonderful caterpillars here…
      Keep smiling and keep shining! You are one wonderful Daughter!
      Happy to “meet” you,


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