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#MaketheMovieMM actionUS nr 1 producer-makethemoviemm action photo 2
to get Michael Moore’s attention and talent on the child sexual abuse/exploitation epidemic. He covers controversy and pain with wit, humor and hope so if anyone can do this, its him.

Is it really an epidemic?
Yes. The US is the #1 global producer of child rape and sexual abuse images, #2 global downloader of images of “violently sexually abused children,” and stats from various countries say ~1 in 4 kids can suffer some form of sexual abuse. Meanwhile 95% of cases are never reported so employee/volunteer background checks at schools, churches, orgs offer a false sense of security. Check where your country is on the list of downloaders of images of “violently sexually abused kids” here.

Action Guidelines:
-Take pic of you or friend holding sign that says #MakeTheMovieMM.
-You can also add ‘Dear Michael Moore,’ and a sentence about how you feel about this kind of abuse, or your own story, or a stat eg from any of my memes (see below), etc.
-Be sure to tag Michael Moore (@MMFlint) and add #MakethemovieMM to your tweet/FB post text.  (Pls also tag me @JasNotes so I can retweet/share).
-Post pic to FB and /or Twitter and Voila!!
The action will stop when he responds.

Feel free to add other hashtags eg #WorldsDirtiestLittleSecret, and/or #CSA, #CSE, #Childsexploitation, #ShattertheSilence, #IgiveHope…

Ill also post Memes that you can tweet or post as well, see below. Contact me if you have any questions. #LetsDoThis!

Prevent It Workshop: If you want to help protect your kids and other kids by preventing this abuse from happening in the first place, please check the free, 90min online workshop from Little Warriors, “Prevent It!” Info and Trailer here! I did it myself and it was well done, empowering and hopeful! Send me a message if you did it!

Action Memes (don’t forget to add #MaketheMovieMM and @MMFlint when you post/tweet).