“One day you’ll be old enough to read fairy tales again..”(CS Lewis)

A letter from my kids school that was borderline pushing religion sparked some rebel reading in me & a subsequent love affair with the Harry Potter series.. Which opened a door I didn’t realize I shut over the years.

Here ‘s a running list of some gems I’ve nabbed from our City Library/Living Room. What finds have you made?

On Writing: Stephen King
Killer book from excellent writer. I’m so grateful for him sharing this! He used to be an English teacher and truly loves the Craft. Shares a bit about his past, lots of tips and wisdom, and massive encouragement to write, to be brave, to write true, to not be daunted at all if “polite society” is through with you.



Eragon: Christopher Paolini
Holy Smokes! Lovely little tale of fantasy, destiny and the most amazing take on dragons and their relationship with us I’ve ever seen. As I came to the close I realized we weren’t going to make it with the pages left. I’m in for the ride!




Read & Riot – A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism
This book blew my mind. I’ve checked it out a second time. It’s full of deep sh*t. Everything from smiling as an act of Resistance, relevant¬† comparison of RU vs US leadership, exposure of (“Christian”) hypocrisy, and coming of age when focus on self gives way/makes room for fighting for others.
Anything I write about this book may sound trite compared to its raw content. It’s a banger.


Ink (Trilogy – Part 1): Alice Broadway
Story contemplating a world where our life–hurts, joys, career choices, love choices, everything is written on our skin. From your name and notches for each year,¬† to every mistake or misdeed. And those without marks, “Blanks” are so evil they need to be banned from the community. Where is redemption and freedom in a world of Ink? And are the Blanks really the way they’re shown in museums?
(Thanks Alice for the great encouragement at YAltival, Dynamo – Eindhoven <3).
*Update, finished the series. Super thought provoking and reflective. Do we only believe what we believe because it’s what we’ve been told? When we come out of our “circles” you can touch wonders..