About this Beat

We are infinitely more than what we do, what we have, how we vote, who we love.

Hey, I’m Jasmine, welcome to this spot.

I’m a people-passionate soundnerd who skygazes, loves Vitamin Sea, and geeks hard and often. Find me in the kitchen making lattes (hey, you want one?), or rocking at one of my kid’s Breakdance classes.

“Fun is Serious Biznez”

I’m active on child/youth advocacy and protection, taboo topics like sexual abuse prevention and porn effects and believe we have to get our hands dirty if we’re going to make a difference. (read: Be Brave).

I keep busy with beats, books, a writing crew, and lately some Yoga w/Adriene to keep rolling (gotta ‘live to fight another day!’)

How the blog sparked
I started the blog in 2015 after experiencing closed doors for sharing or fully being me in a church setting. The blog became an outlet for reflection, encouragement and creative/Big thinking about God/Love/The Universe–ntm our connection as humans/planet.
The blog gets visitors from around the world daily.

“Even the smallest puddle reflects the Sky.”

What can we find here?
Life hacks, insights, and topics like social justice, American Christian hypocrisy crossed with straight-up Geeking, from Harry Potter to Voltron and MCU. Plus Advocacy posts that are covering taboo topics and practical actions.

My plan is to uncover gems in the ordinary, touch massive love, expose and encourage the unfathomable awesomeness in people, spark Hope.

This should be a safe space to be, think bigger, ditch labels, get a heart-shot.

9 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1- I wonder how the rings of Saturn would sound if I put a needle to them.
2- Took a surftrip on a nudge from the Universe.
3- Mental file on “best (mint) icecream” in Holland and the U.S.
4- Find me adjusting the equalizer in the car, home, and previously churches.
5- Used to be a drummer.
6- Heart jumps whenever I see a rainbow.
7- If we’re driving more than 25 minutes I’m bringing my computer and mixer.
8- Hosted Harry Potter Book Night since I found out that was a thing.
9- Think of Dad whenever I see a white butterfly.šŸ–¤

I try to be vulnerable and write for everyone here, regardless of age, gender, backgrounds, beliefs.

Hope you feel welcome.
What are You looking for? Let me know, I’ll make us another round. šŸ˜‰
ā¤ ā˜•

Feel free to reach out, post a comment, connect on Instagram, Twitter or SoundCloud or sign-up for the Newsletter here (no spam, just the occasional update or connection opp, some inspiration and virtual coffee, and first access to my upcoming book: “Ready for Crazy: Pocket Guide to the End of the World”.

Art Credits
-Kids with stars- I can’t locate original, holla if you know!
-“Subversive Citizenship” pic by me – book “Subversive Jesus” Craig Greenfield.
-Glowing lights, by Krissia Cruz on Unsplash

*Homepage Video: Amazing work by Andrey Green, song “The Best of Times?” by Garden City Movement. ā¤

6 Replies to “About this Beat”

  1. Dear Jasmine
    I really enjoyed meeting you today. I have just looked your website and all ready find it fantastic. I believe that God makes that different people meet each other for a reason. I believe that this is what happened today. I will send you some pictures. God bless you, your family and your work. Corinne

    Liked by 1 person

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