Wordplay #2 Vote/Stem/Voice/Tuning

Whoa Election Day! I know the whole world isn’t daily watching or reeling from what America has been going these past years, but wow, major human milestone!

Because America has power and clout far beyond her borders.

But these Wordplays are supposed to be light and encouraging so let’s get to it!

The public makes their Voice heard by Voting. And if done properly, those  votes elect the powers that hear the Voice to begin with.

Your Vote is a singular act of speaking out.

In Dutch, “Vote” is “Stem.” (And by the way, Every. Single. Household. in the Netherlands with resident  18yrs and up receives voting affidavits in the mailslot. And ofcourse people in prison can vote, there may even be provision for those in homeless shelters).

Simply bring your affidavit with some form of ID and BAM, Yah VOTED!

No registration nonsense, rule discrepancies, limited hours or other obstacles depending on where you live.

Btw: the Dutch use paper ballots and red pencils–aka papertrail and no digital hacking at the booths. But I digress..

*Note the amount of Parties (columns).

So “Vote” is “Stem” in Dutch, so “vergeet niet om te stemmen!” or “don’t forget to vote!”

And “Stem” literally translates to “Voice” in Dutch.

(Your Vote really is Your Voice. Got it.)

But Whoa there! “Stemmen” is the same word in Dutch for “Tuning,” like when you’re tuning a guitar. Or tuning-up a car. (and tuning is always a good thing!)

So “Voting” is a “Tuning” of our Instruments of power!


And you better believe that if voices are missing, intimidated, if not all voices are heard, counted, are thrown out or challenged,.. our Instruments will be way out of tune! (Funk that).

And there you have it. Wordplay.

If you received your ballot (WAAHHHH! For the first time in almost two decades they missed me!!), or have a chance to get to the poll, Please Do.

Because Your. Sound. Matters. <3

Hey Peeps, you doing ok in these crazy times? What Wordplays are you finding? It’s good to keep humor and lightness (when possible) if times are rough.<3

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