Get Hard or Get Soft? A Life Lesson from Gold

Imagine a child has a strict teacher and shares their struggle with the parent/caretaker. The adult may say, ‘Chin up! This experience is prepping you for the real, cruel world.’ Or maybe the parent takes action and inquires with the teacher or school.

Or maybe the parent tells the kid their presence actually helps break the cruel world–they are challenging to the teacher’s way of working/thinking.

teachers making kids conform

Life throws so many hits we may be tempted to “Get Hard.”

Jsus, this pic kills me..

Yet I know so many amazing people who are, or look terribly tough, but have an amazingly tender core.

But “Get Soft”?

It’s not something we hear often, and if we do, it may be with insult, judgement, or condescending words like, “damn Snowflakes!”

man holds crying baby, encourages him, sadly, he will learn to cry on inside
I hope to see the end of “Man Up” b.s. In My Lifetime.

A world that makes fun of sensitivity and compassion is a world that could surely use more of it. (Tweet)

Enter Gold.

be kind

Across the ages this metal has been revered as one of the greatest treasures (dang, should always be People). And still today.

It has always, to my knowledge, been associated with royalty and even the story of the 3 Kings/Wisemen features it as one of the gifts to Jesus.

But there’s a small oddity about this precious metal.

The purer the gold, the softer the material.

(Remember seeing someone bite a coin in a movie?) 😉

Pure golds gets buffed and banged up pretty easily. But that doesn’t affect it’s worth in the slightest. (tweet)

By the way, when it comes to metal hardness, none (e.g. steel, titanium, palladium..) compare to diamonds– gold doesn’t even make the list! And when it comes to “toughness,” graphene takes the cake. Yes, graphene, the building block of graphite aka pencil lead, and graphite is material linked to Diamonds (yup! Write/Be The Hero of Your Story. <3)

How do we survive in a hard world with a soft heart?

Sensitivity can be a superpower. (tweet)

Having a soft heart gives fire and strength to make a difference if/when you see an injustice, or anything that hurts or stirs your heart. A soft heart can keep you compassionate or empathetic to come alongside others who might simply need someone to just listen or be near.

And who knows what your care may spark in others.. #Multiplication.

The purest gold is the softest.

In a world that seems to revere bling and stuff over all, may we remember the ancient lesson from that ancient metal. Because the real change needed in this world is a matter of heart, not wealth. ❤

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Photo Credits:
-Cover Image, original via Martin Sanchez on Unsplash modified by me.
– Trump Tower image via NeONBRAND on Unsplash
– Gold on hand via Muillu on Unsplash.
-Broken/Repaired cup is remarkable and endearing Japanese Kintsugi practice
-Birthday candle flower via Giphy.
*Where I can I always try to credit photo authors. See something I miss, holla!



2 Replies to “Get Hard or Get Soft? A Life Lesson from Gold”

  1. Thank you for another awesome and thought-provoking post — with your known brand of amazing graphics and videos — on a real-life paradox.

    To be hard as a diamond, or to be soft as pure gold, or to be both? Interestingly, wedding rings typically are made of both. I haven’t researched the lore behind that, but surmise there’s some intentional connection.

    So, it’s probably not a bad thing to be versatile and know when to apply which response to the situation.

    Thanks for getting us to think about and internalize this important life topic.

    Overflowing blessings and excellent health to you and yours always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! I love this insight! Thanks for digging it up and sharing! 😉 It’s true, there must be a balance.. soft, but unbreakable. Soft, but unfazed. Super kind, but also Badass.. (and Jesus was maybe the excellent example..?)
      Always moved to Compassion for the masses, and never taking any mess from the religious elite. We can learn from stones, and old stories. ✨🥰
      Thanks again for sharing! 🙏🏼


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