Wordplay #1: Funk/Fonk/Vonk/Spark

If you live across cultures you may stumble on language quirks: words your brain hears differently than intended, simply because you’re not a native speaker.

Yo soy = “I am” in Spanish

Two night back I saw some fab Torb the Roach vids (thx Siem!), full of mad Breaking, whimsy, and first class funk.

A super slow version of Ain’t it funky now played in the background, and a title, “Fønk,” flashed across the screen.

We assumed “Fønk” is Norwegian for the English, “Funk.” But seeing it with that “ø” threw my brain to the Dutch, “Vonk,” and voila:

Vonk is the lovely Dutch word for Spark.

Y’all know good vibes and Funk/Fønk will Spark/Vonk more goodness and Funk wherever they go. 😉


Tweak your ears, what language pops do you find?

After all, the Babel story says we all spoke one language, and the Human story says we’re All One Family. ❤

P.s., this series was sparked by Library/ Liberty/Libra (Justice)– Stay tuned for that banger! (and I can’t wait to throw down on “Rights” with you!)

But before we go..

Wink from the Universe:

The “Fønk/Vonk” connection was found right after serious jamming on Chief Rocker – Lords of the Underground ⇓

Starting to rock hard (the track was on replay) and calling out favorite lines, I had just passed a digital note across the table on, you guessed it:

They don’t understand how I feel about the funk..

How do you feel when you hear a banger? When was the last time you put on a favorite jam? Get to it, there’s literal healing in music. ❤

(Can’t miss an opp to share some super funk, like it was shared with me–fire begets fire). #Khruangbin.

Get your groove on and spark others!

Enjoy, spread the love/funk, spark goodness and unity through beats and flow, Any and Everywhere. The world needs it now more than ever. ❤
(and us-versus-them’ism doesn’t stand a chance).

And you never know when a divine Vonk will break out 😉

Stay tuned for the next Wordplay! What Wordplays have you found? Post below in the comments! ❤

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Don’t Forget:
-Goodness Trumps Greatness Every Time

Hey Peeps, I use He & His as simple pronouns for God, but fully recognize “God” with male and female “identity” (for lack of a better word) as demonstrated throughout the bible but most blatantly through humanity.
Related post, Transgender God, here.

Photo Credits:
-Cover Image via WP (unidentified–what gives?!) modified by me. 
-Flaming Matchsticks via Jamie Street on Unsplash.
-Screen shot of text of Chief Rocker – Lords of the Underground

2 Replies to “Wordplay #1: Funk/Fonk/Vonk/Spark”

  1. Another awesome post, J!
    Your point, “there’s literal healing in music.” resonates and reverberates.
    As always, I’m looking forward to consuming your next post.

    Liked by 2 people

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