Pick a Fight, Warrior

Pick a Fight, Warrior

Not just your health, how’s your Heart these days? <3

2020 locked our world down, and just as we’re touching streets again, the News of Yet Another police killing sets our global heart on fire.

My Dutch kids are literally watching in their classrooms what mom, grandma and grandpa have been speaking for years–not always subtle, sometimes hearts hurt too much to break it down slow.

But life has many wrecked patches. This is our human heritage.

Where do we take our stand?

This pic sparked the post. Foreboding & Loud, our children pleading for System, not Climate Change.

Climate crisis, systems that bandaid impoverishment, homelessness, dehumanizing refugees, “other,” stigma for those in prison, in rehab, with certain diseases..

Racial injustice, gender injustice, bias, bias, bias–

Women still earn 77cents to the male dollar; 64cents if you’re a woman of color, 55cents if Latina.

Funny, but really, how often do we pre-judge?

Human rights abuses, voting rights abuses, civil rights abuses–and don’t even get me started on the U.N. Convention of the Rights of the Child (U.S. is the ONLY nation yet to ratify.).

Just YESTERDAY the U.S. passed protection from job discrimination based on sexual preference, but consenting adults still cannot always wed. Imprisonment and death for identity, lovechoice, people Stateless, Scapegoated, activists in prisons, too many in prison, families separated, youth labeled “problem kids” meanwhile homelife may be wrecked…

And for everything we hear, more heinous crimes go under the radar.

Unless Netflix does a special, or Bieber does a song (#Yummy)– animal cruelty, sexual abuse and exploitation of children, other horrific abuses of power and trust.. rarely make headlines.

The most vulnerable often have no voice. (tweet)

Wreck that wall.

Sensitivity is Strength.

No matter how the world calls it, being sensitive is a superpower. It’s part of how we’re connecting on issue & heart level.

What breaks your heart?

What destroys you?

Maybe that’s what you were meant to Destroy?

World Wars linked us, the Moon landing gathered us, smartphones helping us connect and keep in the loop globally..

With every day, every incident, we’re getting closer.

We are in a time of extensive, rapid and deep human connection..

You can almost see the arc bending.

But we’re not there Yet.

For every 1 soldier who loses his/her life in combat, almost 21 Veterans take theirs. And why do little kids have access to hardcore porn? 1 in 10 visitors–intentional or not–are under 10yrs. Where’s the Captcha? Do sites care?

And what does it say about society when men, women and children are still for sale?

I get sick writing these things. I can’t scream loud enough. I drink coffee so I don’t spew fire. I’m often just a torch in front of God. No words.

If there is a heaven, no one is hungry, hurting or oppressed there.

This may be our only chance to make a difference. Even smiling is an act of Resistance. How many of you know what I’m saying?

For all our gains in humanity, collective Heart starting to beat as One, there’s still so much to roll our sleeves up for.

But your heart beats like a Drum.
We were made for this.

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And let’s form Voltron.
Hey, I’m Jasmine. Going for a coffee. How are you doing in these times? What do you think about the State of the World? What fights are you (getting) in? How can we keep encouraging one another? Sometimes the light at the end of tunnel is only seen with our hearts. Hold on. And don’t forget your rest, your jams, your recharge, your Joy. It’s strength and healing.
Feel free to comment & share the blog. <3

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*Smile as an Act of Resistance ref from ‘Take Back the Joy’- a chapter in “Read & Riot: A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism”

NB: *I use He & His as simple pronouns for God, but fully recognize God with male and female “identity” (for lack of a better word) as demonstrated throughout the Bible and most blatantly through humanity. Related post, Transgender God, here.

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-Bracelet Saturn image, “Meet me under the stars” @JasNotes
-Breaker on NYC Subway via Joshua Gordon (via Unsplash).


Thank you for sharing another powerful, thought-provoking blogpost.
Additional to your powerful content, I ALWAYS enjoy the carefully selected images you deftly employ to graphically illustrate and amplify your points.

I read and appreciate all your blog topics.
This one covers current events (a 401-year problem), coupled with ever-expanding “wokeness,” to help guide readers to think about choosing actions that will contribute to The Cause and make change happen. Powerful.

Thank you for helping edify, and guide individual and collective thinking for Good. I appreciate your heart.

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