Remix Your Life: A Note on Being vs. Labelling-Up

I find it hard writing bios for my social media accts.– is it just me? Passionate about people, beats, geeking on both HP and government policy… I think about sounds, planets, cheering others on… and the minute a label nears (“woman” “mom” “american” “dutchie” “bookworm” “basshead”) I’m limited. I’m claustrophobic.

How many times have you labelled up?

In life we don’t always have the right words, clothes, education, gender, love choice…

Shake our labels a bit and we just might make a world free of them. (tweet)

I often cue KAASI’s remix of “Let it Out” (Frances) when writing. The rich bass, swishing beats and melody rock deep, so I decided to check the original.

Say What?!

Aside from a vocal snab there was no feel of the original vibe to me.

A remix, by it’s very nature, is sparked by the original. But they can move in completely new directions, visit other planets.

Can we remix our life?

The same mind blow happened when checking the original for Flume’s remix of “Lay Me Down” (Sam Smith). Flume’s track undid me, even caused a face-to-God moment* (I’m not a traditional worshipper), but the original was another country.

Sometimes we get stuck in the same sound… I have to be like this, react like that..

When was the last time you checked your life from outside the box?

The world loves categorizing and society sells images of who/how we should be: beautiful, best t&a, most followers, cool..

(like the snake telling Eve to eat the apple so she could be like God, meanwhile God already said: You’re Like Me).

Check the photo shop of Justin Bieber–WAAYY more than Contrast adjustment.. (I count 10, whatcha got?)

Labels are handy in my shed, but on people? Even lovely ones like Artist, Writer, Lover, Geek… taking any implies we’re not infinitely more, right?

Or worse, that we are simply what we Do.

Humanbeing – Humandoing..?

Regardless of our work, passions, struggles, self-thoughts, we’re both The Original and only authorized Remix. I’m not talking about denying the past or burning bridges, but living to our fullest expression.

What if instead of sitting in the corner at a party, thinking you can’t dance, you took your body for a spin like you wanted?

Or instead of being afraid to speak your heart, you dared share?

I broke down in a youth training once when an assignment meant to encourage us, reminded me of bullying in it’s setup. I took a deep breath and jumped off the cliff, sharing among strangers and choking up in the process. But others got emotional too. Who knows how many of the coaches would be more alert with/for the kids they serve?

Humanity has been breaking labels and social confinement for ages.. Blacks can’t vote, Women can’t work, Consenting Adults Can’t Marry…

Aren’t we all just People?

Keep giving grace to yourself and others to just Be. And mind any Unauthorized mix attempts on you from the world. We’re made for infinitely more than boxes. ❤

© @JasNotes –

*Flume’s remix of Sam Smith (Lay Me Down) has a crazy closing segment that undoes me every time and has all the vibe and longing one might imagine from God in the Acts 17:27 verse..

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NB: *I use He & His as simple pronouns for God, but fully recognize God with male and female “identity” (for lack of a better word) as demonstrated throughout the Bible and most blatantly through humanity. Related post, Transgender God, here, or this amazing love letter to a Transgender Teen on Spirit Day.

Photo Credits:
– Cover: J’Existe by Marija Zaricon Unsplash
– Contained Ocean – Moriart Museum exhibition, photographer unknown, pls shout if you find
– Fire in a box, cover art from Elevation Worship – Wake Up the Wonder
*Where I can, I always try to credit photo authors. Msg me if I miss something.

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