6 Christmas Gifts from the Universe

Last day of the year, and while many are feeling more carefree and hopeful, some are just trying to survive (connect people, pls).

The Christmas season can be rough, and means different things to different people,

But I keep thinking about Stars…

Lights in the street and homes, lights like hope in the dark season. A highlight in the Jesus Christmas story in that new star appearing on the horizon when he was born. If I think about God’s heart, I wonder if that was more than just a flare.

Here’s my take on 6 “Christmas” gifts thanks to the Christmas story. Enjoy and take with you into the New Year.

1. We all have a Star
I’ve no proof but the fact that Jesus got a star makes me think we’ve all got one. Why?

God has tipped *his hand a few times… who could fathom “feathers” on a butterfly wing, or the beauty of a snowflake, or the hexagon on Saturn’s North pole? If God made everything and has more love + thoughts for us than grains of sand, might *he not put a bit of that passion into creation?

If I had power to make a star for each of my kids, I would, No question… though I might not tell them lest they get puffed up…

Fact: We’re made of star stuff.
Question: Ever notice star shapes in lowly fruits? Check yours..

Whether I’m right or not, God was always about humility (look out Christians following bragadocious leaders..). Maybe that’s why *he keeps it hush that we’re all gods…

2. We all have a (New) Name

It can be a love-hate relationship, but many of us are stuck with the whim, blessing, or life situation our parent(s) had. Some names are picked long before their time. My mom nabbed mine when she was 12.

It happened to Jesus too (“God Saves” in Hebrew) and it’s no special name, even duplicates in the bible (maybe it’s like James or Josh).

But is it strange our names are so un-unique despite us being one-of-a kind? Neither fingerprints, irises, teeth, handwriting.. are linked to another.

But a verse tucked in the back of the bible says we (and Jesus) will get a new name.

One never spoken in anger, sighed with disappointment, dragged through the mud..

School segregation… how many hideous names have people been called?

Thanks to the Jesus story there’s acknowledgement that our names don’t define or confine us.

And that Someone really knows who we are.

3. We all have Power

It’s typical Rebel God to wrap All-Powerful into burping baby. In a world so focused on possessions, appearance, perfection.. God, as usual, flips the script.

Jesus was–blasphemy alert— a homeless, refugee, “moocher,” maybe not even welcome in some churches today. But his power, heart and message was undeniable: care for others regardless of so-called life “standing,” and listen to others, including (especially?) kids/youth.

If great power can rest in a crying child, if God identifies so hardcore with us even in that state,

What does that say about you and who you are?

4. We all have Purpose

Sometimes it’s like we can do nothing right. Or feel down or pressured by social/cultural trends or aims.

But Jesus was the epitome of do your thing. He knew the importance of celebration, shared his heart, anger, hope, and his first show of “power” wasn’t walking on water but making wine for a party.

If that doesn’t show how down to earth God is, I don’t know what…

His refugee/immigrant/outsider/weirdo status didn’t stop him, and he wasn’t busy beautifying his pad–he didn’t even have one.

He knew he had treasure in his chest and purpose bigger than himself.

Who do you let define you?

5. We all have Unmatched Worth
Many of us can doubt our self-worth and Imposter syndrome is a thing. We can believe the lie that our value comes from what we own, achieve, or our skills.

But the old testament said our worth was as much as the next guy, and the arcane policy of blood for blood is still shown in fantasy stories and movies today.

Jesus made it next level: How can justice be meted out between e.g. two brothers if mom is the judge? Apparently mom is in trouble.

Who do you let define your Worth?

The Christmas story says God becomes the “whipping boy” – no one should ever lay a hand on us. Not even God.

6. We’re Not Alone, even Nature is In On It.
Apparently there’s more going on in creation than we think. Stones have power to cry out if people don’t, wind and wave have ears to listen (though obeying is another thing).

And donkeys never say a word, but if they do, they’re straight up gangster.

Time lapse has shown how alive the green around us is, and we’ve learned spiders dance and fish make tools..

The Universe is even playing its own soundtrack on the drum of space…

What wonder will we learn next?

On days I feel alone or misunderstood, I can feel the ground under my feet, or breathe and acknowledge invisible air molecules, and remember: I’m connected to so much more..

So what’s your take away?

Whatever your belief, a story of a baby is always a story of Hope. Life has lots of second chances and every morning is a fresh start.

If the Universe had a mic I’m sure she’d be cheering us on, whispering… You have worth, you have purpose, you’re so not alone…

And so loved.

Sending some for this season switch,
Jasmine ❤

© @JasNotes, thisisheartinformation.com

Hey, I’m Jasmine, loaded on coffee and hoping this post resonated? What’s one of the Universes’ gift to you this time of year?
Post it below and feel free to share this blog.❤

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*I use He & His as simple pronouns for God, but fully recognize God with male and female “identity” (for lack of a better word) as demonstrated throughout the Bible and most blatantly through humanity. Related post, Transgender God, here, or love letter to a Transgender Teen on Spirit Day here.<3

Last post of the year, don’t save your fun, sparkle and hope for tonight and tomorrow only–carry your passion and dreams and let-go-ness through the whole year!


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