Rebel Christian ABC’s

For anyone who thought “I want nothing to do with God, or “Christians” because of what they do, say, put into policy” (read: USA, White House), or for any who had the bible used against them, for outcasts not “good enough” for “Church,” or who asked too many questions, or had too many ideas, or just didn’t fit. To all who wonder if unconditional love is real, if God cares, or if there are better things to come… This if for you. ❤

Rebel Christian Alphabet. Rock heartily.

A – Always look up, because this world will break your heart and press your soul like a coffee bean–read: crush.

B – Be Weary of people who claim to be Christian, or quote scripture(s) but have a way, rhetoric or straight-up deeds that are anything but Christ-like.

C – Compassion is the Compass

D – Don’t be Afraid to Stand Up for what you believe in, Speak Out for those who can’t speak for themselves, and Fight Hard to the Finish (usque ad finem)

Beloved Beastie Boys

E – Everyone’s got mess-don’t be ashamed of anything you did, saw or was done to you. Ever. And keep extending grace to eachother.

F – Forever, that’s how long we’re in for—except an end to the heartbreak, suffering, injustice, greed, hatred, and a begining to infinitely more and amazing things we are just starting to touch… (the womb vs universe, the universe vs… )

G- Good night. When you can, take your rest. Really. Sleep is a super power and gift, though I too have wild aversion. But it’s a form of “letting go,” so needed these days..

H – Hold to Hope. That precious seed thing completely covered in dark, seemingly crushed under the weight of the world. But the life inside was never extinguished. Those dire circumstances were just the thing. (We’re so much stronger than we know..).

I – I AM. Don’t confine yourself, to limitations, the opinions of others, sometimes even yourself. Not to your “gender role”, education, sexuality, culture, class, upbringing, I’m like this and do this because this is how it always was… Funk that. You are You. Never to be made again.
And you are NOT what you do / think / own.

Human Being.

I’m not a drop in the ocean, but the ocean in a drop. -Rumi

J – Joy doesn’t always come in the morning, but is promised (like ‘blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled’– eventually). Smiling is an act of resistance (Pussy Riot), laughter is heaven’s atom bombs. Hold to Joy, happiness, fun.. she’s your strength.

K – Keep your head up, your head about you, and your heart strong.

L – Love is a four-letter word. Totally jacked meaning these days, but you can still glimpse it. Yesterday I saw a scarf tied to a pole. Someone stopped what they were doing, picked it up, and tied it in hopes the owner might find it back. I welled up. I saw love. Say what you want, know bible verses if you want, go to church every week if you want, but Love is the thing.

M – Money will try to be your Master. Never submit. Not even God asks us to kneel.

N – Never let anyone intimidate you, never feel you have to defend yourself, never, as much as possible, be offended– that trap sets off mud slinging. Never think you aren’t enough, just as you are. Never.

O – Oh Heck No: When you’re tempted to rant and scream and grieve and fall apart over the news or things you hear that break you. Transform your emotion to action for Good. Grief can be the most Ferocious, Tenacious, Outrageous Fuel.

Amy Vilela for Congress

P – Practice Justice and Mercy, Humility, Kindness. (Micah 6:8, infinitum).

Q – Question Authority if you think they’re steering you wrong, or something rubs your heart wrong. Even if they call themselves Christian. (especially?). What’s the little voice inside you say? (Not sure? Check C)

R – Refuse to give up or conform, or resign yourself. Rest, don’t quit.

S – Someone Loves You, you’re not alone. Stars always shine, even if we don’t see them. And you’re one of them.

T – Take Time for yourself, to get your thoughts together, to make your plans, to rest, dream, to Go. for. it.

U – Understand that you will not always understand someone or something. Be kind, considerate, stoke the empathy in you.

V – Victory is our destiny, regardless of what we see (check X).

W – Wheres your mic? Where’s your laughter and fun? It’s ok to live out loud–so needed in this world.

X – X-Ray Vision. Sometimes you have to see the unseen (hope, love, positive, the future…). Even Superman needed to learn to control his X-Ray vision. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t go as fast as you like. Timing is more important than we think…

Y – You are Amazing. Frankly, all of us are. Pass it on. See and speak the gold in others, not the dirt.

Z – A-Z = Alpha and Omega, this is the last hope: that we’re not alone, that everything will work out in the End, that there’s an Author and Finisher (because I’ll be darned if I have to imagine that forever all the worst our world has to offer will continue, increase and keep destroying the most vulnerable among us). (Oh heck no. See O).

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*I use He & His as simple pronouns for God, but fully recognize God with male and female “identity” (for lack of a better word) as demonstrated throughout the Bible and most blatantly through humanity. Related post, Transgender God, here, or love letter to a Transgender Teen on Spirit Day here.

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