The 1 Thing Everybody Should Know About “Abundance”

There’s more than enough for everyone. Really. On a planet with people starving and naked…

image from the Occupy Wallstreet Protests

The core problem, imo, may be so simple that few believe it. (or we’re so far from our humanity…).

We (still) don’t know how to share.

I’ve got 4 kids and see that fallout constantly. New toy, candy, last scoop of ice cream, taking turns on a trampoline…  Fighting, crying, tug of war, MOOOMMMM!!!

Difficulty with sharing doesn’t magically stop when we turn 18. Some situations still challenge us as adults. But this isn’t about who plays with the fidget spinner, it’s a global scale phenomenon with consequences like parents choosing whether or not to sell one of their children, so that their other children can eat.

Look, I’m not crying for Robin Hood (uhm,..) but in this world we have bad Systems and corrupt governments that hoard resources and prioritize the interest of the few–or, as Occupy Wallstreet called out, the 1%.

Question: Do we want homeless shelters celebrating 30 years of service, or do we genuinely want to see no more homeless people?

Isn’t it strange that some of the world’s most profitable goods– coffee, sugar, tea, diamonds, oil,.. come from some of the most impoverished nations? And can you really call yourself “the greatest nation on earth” with atrocious, non-existent health insurance, job security, maternity care, environmental protections, etc.. ?

You still can’t get clean water from your taps in Flint.

Amy Vilela, pictured right, lost her daughter due to a System that wanted to check paperwork and legalities before providing emergency care.

Some Christians bust me on my Naivety.

“Jasmine, all that immigration, the “caravans”– we just don’t have enough for everyone…”

Ok buddy, how about Jesus? Remember the time he fed the thousands? Yeah, back up. Did you notice how many baskets of leftovers they had?

This story always bothered me. I didn’t get the leftovers.–Hey God, how come there was too much? Did you get your measurements wrong? What’s up with that waste? What about the poor??

The leftovers happened in another miracle so I’m guessing God wanted to hit something home,

Especially when “Home” is straight up teeming with social injustice and inequalities.

Because, oh by the way, 8 peeps own half the world’s wealth.

God doesn’t give just “enough,” *He gives Loads More.

Ask any parent wanting (and able) to treat their kids.  Is it:

Take just what you need


Help yourself!

Dear Readers, especially in the US where socialism has been spun as a four-letter word,

-Universal healthcare is a thing. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

-Not going bankrupt or losing your home because you or someone in your family got sick is a thing.

-Not having to start a crowd funding page in the midst of a tragedy is a flipping thing.

Next time you see national geographic, or hear how the amount of people  (including children) going to food banks is increasing, or are tempted to think how cool it must be to live in the U.S., or see a homeless person, imagine this:

There may be so much wealth on this earth that it’s intended NOT so that everyone can get by, but so that everyone can have Abundance.  (tweet)

After all, the damn streets are Gold in Heaven…

Hey, I’m Jasmine, drinking coffee, and wondering, do you think there is enough in this world for all? Post a comment below or drop a line. ❤
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*Radical Resource Rec.: “Subversive Jesus.”

*Ps, I use [He & His] as simple pronouns for God, but fully recognize God with male and female “identity” (for lack of a better word) as demonstrated throughout the Bible, but most blatantly through humanity. Related post here.

2 Replies to “The 1 Thing Everybody Should Know About “Abundance””

  1. Thank you for another eye-opening, thought provoking post.
    When are we going to “get it?”
    And, why haven’t we yet “gotten it?”
    Why can’t we see and intelligently process what is happening?
    Why do some people who call themselves Christians seem to carry the most hubris, hypocrisy and hate?
    Christians are supposed to receive, feed and heal “foreigners” whom all in America now once were through their immigrating ancestors.

    Is it Christian to ask to be “let in” to America, push aside the first and true Americans (including many “Mexicans”) and then selfishly “close the door” to all who come after us? If the US government helped our ancestors immigrate and settle in because they showed up on America’s “doorstep” why shouldn’t it continue the practice that helped most of us settle in America?

    What if the “wall” was American policy when all our grandparents, great grandparents, great, great grandparents arrived without an invitation seeking a better life?

    Yes, we must continue to share the abundance of America now, as we did during European “mass immigration without invitation.”

    1. Thanks always for your heartfelt comments. It must be so hard to be in the ground watching daily, minute by minute everything playing out in US. No matter what, we keep up the Good Fight and know there are sooo many doing the same. (“there are more with us, than those against us.. “

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