1. Thank you for another eye-opening, thought provoking post.
    When are we going to “get it?”
    And, why haven’t we yet “gotten it?”
    Why can’t we see and intelligently process what is happening?
    Why do some people who call themselves Christians seem to carry the most hubris, hypocrisy and hate?
    Christians are supposed to receive, feed and heal “foreigners” whom all in America now once were through their immigrating ancestors.

    Is it Christian to ask to be “let in” to America, push aside the first and true Americans (including many “Mexicans”) and then selfishly “close the door” to all who come after us? If the US government helped our ancestors immigrate and settle in because they showed up on America’s “doorstep” why shouldn’t it continue the practice that helped most of us settle in America?

    What if the “wall” was American policy when all our grandparents, great grandparents, great, great grandparents arrived without an invitation seeking a better life?

    Yes, we must continue to share the abundance of America now, as we did during European “mass immigration without invitation.”

    1. Thanks always for your heartfelt comments. It must be so hard to be in the ground watching daily, minute by minute everything playing out in US. No matter what, we keep up the Good Fight and know there are sooo many doing the same. (“there are more with us, than those against us.. “

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