It’s Not You, It’s Timing – How to Keep Hope When Nothing’s Working

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Is it just me? Sometimes disappointment, frustration, or fatigue keep banging on the door. You’ve got a project, dream, plan, but it’s stuck. You wonder: Is it me? My skills or vision? Do I lack proper education or experience? Is my heart really in it?

I read about some fisherman who may have thought the same. They worked all night with nothing to show.

Were they unskilled?
No. They were “Fisherman.”

Was the net broken?
Nope. Strong and ready.

Were they in the wrong place?
Absolutely not.

Jesus showed up and said, ‘put the nets out again.

I honestly don’t understand how the fisherman found the will to do this.

We face failure, fatigue, despair, and fear that it will again be for nothing. And here’s my favorite: Self Doubt, a damn Doozy:

You dare call yourself a fisherman?!

Peter: ” …Bro, we worked hard all night, didn’t catch a thing. But (sigh?), if you say so, we’ll try again… ” (verse)

Lesson: There’s fire and fight in you you’ve never. even. seen. (tweet)

And the fish? That catch was so big an extra boat was needed. Both almost sank under the load. (story here).

So what changed?

Not Peter’s skill.

Not the ship’s furnishings.

Not the net, location, or technique.

And certainly not Peter’s Worth.

Hey, you waiting for “Just Right”??

Maybe a simple act of small faith unlocked this. But maybe more, there was difference in Timing. Jesus wasn’t on the scene yet…

Many are waiting for breakthrough, direction, relief. Keep hope, a little faith and some perspective.

Timing is more important than we think– (tweet)

Especially if we consider that everyone and every story in this world may be as connected as we see in Nature.

Patience may really be a virtue.

Are you waiting? Hold the Line.

I can have the best ingredients and tools to bake a cake. I can be a darn Baker. But in the end: the oven doesn’t lie.

If you’re waiting, might as well be rocking.

Whatever you’re up against, keep #hope.Ā  If God/Love is on our side, let’s believe Time and Timing is too. ā¤

*** Hey, I’m Jasmine, drinking coffee, and wondering: How do you Hold the Line? How do you keep strong and sane in the middle of your process? Post a comment below or drop a line. ā¤ Don’t forget to Follow Blog to never miss a heart-shot.

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