Trump Appointed by God??!

I cry write about the rift between American “Christianity,” and God’s Heart. Before Donald Trump was elected I wrote an Open Letter to America and POTUS himself sharing what I experience as an epic, end-time battle between Love & Hate. I also mentioned some prophecies from the crazy bible book, Revelation.

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and wouldn’t lose any votes..”

2 years later, the unwavering acceptance by some “Christians” of Trump’s  behaviors, statements, actions and policies– which have been anything but Christ-like– is increasingly BANANAS, or gut-wrenching, or fire-spewing, or all of the above.

Christians, churches, God, the bible, and Jesus are all getting a bad name.. Is that why Jesus is getting a new one? (Revelation 3:12) (Tweet).

Sick Tactic: Justify hate policies with Scripture (Holy Heck, Batman!)

The diabolical #FamilySeparation policy violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, but the White House Administration has literally used bible verses to defend it.

Christians are duped if they think Pro-life, Pro-Israel, Anti-gay marriage/anything means a free pass on life (now or the hereafter), much less that one is a Christian. (Tweet)

Right-leaning evangelicals may cry Biblical Values!, but isn’t Love the real biblical value?

Sarah Sanders, W.H. Press Secretary, told a Christian network that God wanted Donald Trump to be president. It caught news and I wonder:

Do Christians know the difference between God’s “Will”, God’s Heart, and what God Allows?

Listen, if I lose hope that God still has a Hand on the world, amidst bat s#it crazy and horror-full, I won’t make it. (I work on tough issues like child sexual abuse and there are video titles and text messages about things people did or want to do to children that will Kill. You.)

Do You Really Want to Throw “God’s Will” on Everything??

Is it God’s Will when a mom rapes her son? How about when prison guards beat sleeping prisoners? Or when  parents think a child is lying about abuse so allow him/her to experience it for years? How about for people to pick through trash to live? Or U.S. workers to wear diapers because bathroom breaks don’t meet quotas? Is it God’s Will that America be the #1 Global Producer of Child Sexual Abuse images and #2 Consumer of the most violent versions? Is it God’s Will that such videos even exist??

Funk That.

Really, Really Bad stuff happens. God’s good and perfect will/desire? If we think so, we don’t know *His Heart, much less *His words… (Tweet)

Did God Want Donald Trump to be President?

Well, look at Pharaoh. If it weren’t for that oppressive, misguided, people-enslaving, child-slaughtering, “I am God” ruler, the Jews wouldn’t have been delivered with miracles so notable the movies keep coming (check Passover/ Pesach holiday).

If You’re Using Your Bible To Hate and Oppress, You’re Using It Wrong.

We may scream about policies that result in social, environmental, personal and familial death and devastation, but on the flipside, Trump’s Presidency has exposed hatred hidden deep in our society, and is helping unite the world for good.

Whatever Christians in America say or do, whatever verses they use to hurt others, or defend themselves, remember this: God is Love.


*Note: I use He and His as simple pronouns for God, but fully recognize God with male and female “identity” for lack of a better word, as demonstrated throughout the Bible and most blatantly through humanity.

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Image Credits
-Cover Image: Trump vs. Obama Presidential Coin  (Bill O’Leary/Washington Post), modified by me. [Source Article: “It’s ‘very gold’: The presidential coin undergoes a Trumpian makeover.“]
-Child Trafficking & Stat img, by me.
-“Justice is what love looks like in public..” – a pic from a page in “Subversive Jesus: An Adventure in Justice, Mercy & Faithfulness in a Broken World” – (Craig Greenfield)

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