Your Bible Kills Me: Why Christians Shouldn’t Justify Hate Policies, and Tools Against Future B.S.

Get back with that Bible!
When Jeff Sessions uses it to support ripping nursing children from desperate, refuge-seeking parents, and the WH Press Secretary–a parent herself— doubles down, I only have one advice:

If your bible encourages, or justifies you hating someone, please: Chuck. It. It’s better to attempt love without fully understanding the how or what, than head for hell clenching the good book in your fist.
(Mark 9:43)

That “good book” has been used bigly to justify fear, hate, greed, horror and flat-out atrocities for ages. Repeatedly we see it’s possible to know– and maybe even love— God’s Words, but fall flat when it comes to *His Heart.
I know, that was me.

These people honor me with their lips-heart far from me
(Isaiah 29:13, and Matthew 15:8)

Was it a coincidence the so-called “Christians” of Jesus’ day gave him the most grief, not to mention death? It wasn’t immigrants, Romans, or anyone identifying as gay– the crucifixion stemmed from the vehement pleading of the Religious elite,

Those who claimed to know God best.

So, in light of the INSANE statements and policies from so-called “Christians” that hurt or endanger the weak, oppressed or impoverished–and add migrant children to that list–I want to speak loud about the one time we see Jesus lose his sh*t,

And take heed evangelicals, or anyone identifying as Christian with a TL booming about God’s goodness, but Silent on any issues of social justice or current events of torture and oppression in God-blessed America.

Jasmine, don’t be so emotional. Ok, look at a real WWJD moment:

Once upon a time, King Jesus– peaceful, humble Friend and Brother– became so angry he got scandalous, or crazy–as many women can and have been accused of. And no, it didn’t go down at a Metal concert, abortion clinic, drug alley or red light district. It wasnā€™t even at the Texas border…

Get ready: Jesus (or God if you believe the gospel), lost His Sh*t in a CHURCH. – click to Tweet


(Sure, they called it the “temple” back then, but the intention was the same: the place for believers and worshipers of God to gather. (*Let that impact how you read Revelation…)

How might God feel when smoke rises from bodies burned on crosses?? (thanks KKK, you mighty “Christians”). Or when a grieving mom, whose son was beaten to death sees protest posters–“Matt in Hell,” from so-called Jesus followers? What about churches that seem alright, but have leaders involved in e.g. spiritual, emotional, material or even sexual abuse of members and children?? Oh hell no.

It’s absolutely on purpose that God went ballistic in a Church…
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Frollo-religion gone wild-disney-hunchback of notre dame
Remember Frollo? Another religious leader who lost his heart/mind/way… (Hunchback of Notre Dame, Disney 1996)

“Those that handle the law do not know Me/Love…”
(Jeremiah 2:8, 1John4:16)

To any politician or MAGA supporter claiming to be pro-life yet destroying it at every turn, and to any person trying to make sense from the sidelines:

The only “biblical value” is Love.
(for any bible-readers, check James 2:8, literally the “Royal Law”)


In hopes of breaking any shame, mistrust, hate, misogyny, racism, classism, oppression and flat-out evil done by those claiming to know, speak for, or with God, do the Love Check. You can run it on every policy, practice or even person when in doubt, and certainly if you want nothing to do with God based on something *He supposedly said or supported.

Love Check (taken from the infamous 1 Corinthians 13):
1. Is it kind?
2. Is it patient?
3. Is it without envy or jealousy?
4. Is it without boasting? (omg, “MAGA”?, what happened to us/U.S.?)
5. Is it rude? (or does it push people out of the way?)
6. Is it selfish? (what spirit is it that blames the poor and weakest in the midst, or across the borders, for all one’s problems and lack?)
7. Is there quick anger?
8. Is there a holding of record of wrongs? (I never knew we disenfranchised people who went to prison until Virginia tried to change that law–LAW?!).
9. Is there delight in evil (Away, every scripture-bearer proclaiming that separating children from parents is a good thing. Here’s one for you: “They declare their sin as Sodom…” (Is. 3:9))
10. Is it rejoicing in truth? (or basking in alternative facts?)
11. Does it protect all? (or just one creed, color, tribe, social status, nation status, religion..?)
12. Is it trusting? (how many times have we called the good souls gullible…?)
13. Is it eternally hopeful (or constantly fearful of eg “other”?’)

You might find the tattooed pot smoker is kinder/more like God, than a tithing church goer…

from Subversive Jesus, Craig Greenfield— an unexpected ‘must read’ for even the most rebel, social justice activated Christians.

But hey, despite darkness manifesting through policies or programmes, and if your heart feels pummeled every time there’s yet a new low/horror, be encouraged: the last lines of the Love verse don’t disappoint:

“ā€¦Love always perseveres, Love Never Fails.”


Rebels, Warriors, Lovers, Misfits:

No matter how hard a bible verse–or pack of verses, or, ‘it’s in the Old AND New Testament!‘– are thrown at you, remember this: Real Love is Infinitely Bigger and destined to win.

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*I use He and His as simple pronouns for God but fully recognize his male and female ‘identity’ (for lack of a better word) as demonstrated throughout the bible, and most blatantly through humanity. If you want to ponder further, check “Transgender God”, a 2-pt post here.

Hey, Iā€™m Jasmine, I’m drinking coffee, and I hope this post gave you a boost, or something to think about–in a good way. I love trying to get to the heart of a matter and try to share about a misunderstoodā€“ and I think often misrepresentedā€“ God. If you ever wondered ā€˜is this all there is?ā€™, or felt like “church” or organized religion was a big mess and wanted nothing to do with ā€œGod,ā€ or Christians, or if you want to go deeper in issues of identity/divinity, or integrate/activate social justice or fire from your heart, send me an email.

One Reply to “Your Bible Kills Me: Why Christians Shouldn’t Justify Hate Policies, and Tools Against Future B.S.”

  1. Dear Jasmine. Thank you for another great post. Your thoughtful use of 1 Corinthians 13 encouraged me, especially with the last line that really does uplift: “Love always perseveres. Love never fails.”
    During these most discouraging and very dark times, many of us are seeking even the smallest slivers of hope. Your posts give me respite and hope.
    Thank you very much!
    May God bless you and yours always.

    Liked by 1 person

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