1. I have to agree with you, here! There is definitely stress for the 1st years about getting sorted. I get that it’s the school’s tradition, but sometimes it’s okay to make new traditions right?

    I still don’t really understand Snape’s relationship to Harry. I don’t know if it’s because Harry looks so extraordinarily like James that it triggers Snape? Either way, he’s a grown-ass man and Harry is just a child! Liiikkke, I think he has some stuff to figure out.

    I love these thoughts you bring up! I’d like to think more on these and maybe write about them in the future. I’ll be sure to tag you!

    1. Thanks so much for this feedback and happy to connect with your blog!
      Indeed, the fact the Harry is his fathers look alike, and it is his father that we might imagine made all life not worth living–beyond Lilly–and he took even that, yeah, Painful. I wish Snape could’ve seen a bit of Harry’s heart–that he never did anything for personal glory and always was willing to sacrifice himself–even Ultimately– for the good of others. They have more in common under the surface than we may think.
      I’d love if you think further about this and share with your readers. And thanks in advance for the reference!
      Hope to connect further,

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