To the part of me that keeps screaming [Poem]

To the part of me that keeps screaming

To the part of me that keeps screaming,
Or is it wailing and on fire?
No one sees or hears you,
but I’m the witness.

I glimpsed you last night while carefree at a movie.
Did you think I forgot, that you showed your face?
I felt like I got slapped.

Insane, I’ll never forget:
24/7 injustice, horror, suffering, pain of others, even creation–
I looked down that well and saw even nature is enslaved.
Is there no limit to the suffering.. ?

To the part of me that keeps screaming,
Melting, blasting, super nova.
I hold you back, so I can breathe.
What good is the perpetual thunder cloud? Too much energy..
My children deserve joy, laughter, fun– and they call me
to these reprieves.
We’ll not scream forever.

So much beauty, look close it hurts,
Good times, goodness, the breeze on my skin reminds we’re never alone,
even if it’s my own breath.

But underneath, even as I write, darkness covers,
as the earth turns from the Sun,
unspeakable horror persists.
Can eight members of my family own half the world’s wealth, while the rest, especially little ones, suffer?

If greed or poverty won’t kill us, other battles blaze.
Children groomed, parents entrusting them with offenders..
Parents themselves can abuse, speak violence, even the smallest shortcoming– a sigh of disappointment…
My own heart convicts me.
How can children stand?
Greatest warriors among us.

So to the part that keeps screaming,
Don’t Hold Back.
You help me exist. Function. This DNA covenant blares in the back.
And there’s hope for every hurting heart, and for every cruelty or complacency,
There must be a Response.

Raging volcano, wailing banshee,
The One forever banging fist to floor,
The tears are Numbered.
The pain was never just yours.
(how else could you carry this?)

God wasn’t just in the joys, but every anguish of every broken heart,
crushed spirit.

And until the Intervention against all violence, oppression, trickery and malice, Hope is for the things unseen. Ask the seed.
The heart beats like a war drum.

To the part of me that keeps screaming:
I’ll keep my chin up.
You do your thing.

Small clip of Jean Grey, forever warned to control and withhold the gift inside her,  in a desperate moment asked to release/unleash it:

Did you know just 8 men own half the worlds wealth? article.
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Cover Image credit: Jean Grey/Phoenix (X-Men: Apocalypse, 2016)
*I cant remember the last time I wrote a poem. Uber nerve wrecking to share, ashamed is on the list. Makes one exposed and vulnerable. But, on the flipside, I’m all about people speaking out, no shame, break taboos–so let me try that too, that maybe someone get stronger–even if just me.

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  1. Hi J. Great poem. Vivid, emotional, powerful, thought provoking. Missed any attribution. Yours?

    Liefs! Love always, Mom/Gma

    On Tue, May 22, 2018, 5:59 PM Heart in Formation wrote:

    > Jasmine @ Heart in Formation posted: “I’m not sure why I share this, am I > the only one who feels it? Keep your head up, there may be more battles > waged for good than we know of. Never be afraid to Hope. To the part of me > that keeps screaming To the part of me that keeps screaming, O” >

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