Playing ‘Hard to Get’ with God, or the Other Way Around?

Was ‘The Bachelor’ a jump start for ‘Secret Princes’ where royalty go undercover to find true love? These shows expose our longing to be loved for who we are, not what we have, do, or who we’re friends and family with.

Might it be the same with God?



Did Superman always walk around with the cape..?

Could we imagine God going under cover to win Real Love? After all, who could refuse the most beautiful, powerful, and yet gentle Person they ever met? True, some (parts) of us want the “bad guy,” but re-read the gospels and discover Jesus is both absolute badass and humble rebel.

Who else would choose the most gangbuster scripture in the Book to hallmark his identity (Lk 4:16-21)? Or advocate flipping the System so hard children are the Greatest? Don’t forget the subversive counsel that money is worthless, leadership is service, and compassion is the compass in this world..

rather die of passion than boredom

How many Christians would throw-down for a prostitute, or spend more time in the gutter than a church? Did you know those Jesus fought most, are those who claimed to know God best?

Religion. Go figure.

But enough soapboxing. The most precious ‘possession’ (can we even say that?) of one who knows, has and can do anything would be authentic love, right? Not forced by fear, nor birthed through the wow of power or abundance.

love keychain

“I stand at the door and knock…” (Huh? The One who made the door and holds the key is asking for permission?? #Respect).

Sure, many want nothing to do with God given *His (mis)representation through the ages (SMH), but when contemplating Real God/ Love, an eternal love affair is one spark away:

There’s Drama –give up eternity for death, opulence for dirt, praise for ridicule, all in hopes of charming a “girl” who spurns your affection anyway..,
There’s Romance — magnetic poles pale in comparison to God’s attraction to us, but like the sea pleading to the shore, the rushing will go no further unless she’s allowed..
There’s wonder and might– from dancing aurora borrealis, to earth shattering volcanoes, and don’t forget:

Intimacy off the Richter Scale.

Get this: The One Who knows your worst, still wants you the Most. #NoShame

Did you ever hear God sing to you? Take a listen to DNCE – Cake by the Ocean (Yes, *He just called You a Masterpiece… ).

Victoria Beckham - I am my beloveds and my beloveds is mine - Song of Solomon - Bible Verse God Gives Himself to Us
“I am My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine” – bible verse glimpsing the absolute relationship desire of God to our Hearts/Selves, and back.

“I am My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine” – bible verse glimpsing the absolute relationship desire of God to our Hearts/Selves, and back.

The Big Reveal
All the shows climax when the Royal reveals his identity, and similarly Jesus wrecked our view of God as a harsh, impersonal, eye-for-eye Taskmaster.

“When you see me you see God..” – Jesus (John 14:9)



Jesus shows God as Personal, Self-Sacrificing, and Passionate. And when did you ever hear of a King telling people they’re not servants but Friends? (John 15:15).

But until that Season Finale we settle for God-glimpses through acts of love and sacrifice (not done for show, but simply from the heart). We also experience *Him through nature, creativity, music, etc., and some wonders are hidden deep.

Did clouds thrill before timelapse? Could we fathom snow before the Bentley photos..?


How much of God’s beauty is hidden in the slow? Enjoy this clip for an eye + eargasm (if you ask me).

How do I get Closer?

Want to feel God’s love? Enjoy the warmth, care, jokes, help, etc… of those around you. And recognize nature’s embrace too, and never forget to jam. Want to love God back? Consider loving and caring for those around you, and don’t forget yourself too. (As much as you did for the least of these you did for Me – Matthew 25:40).

If I asked you to name all the things you love, how long before you name yourself-inspiration-encouragement

God may not be as Face-to-face as we’d like, but if we remember this is also an opportunity to choose whether or not we want a relationship, that helps. God’s all in. How about us?

*I use He and His as simple pronouns for God, but fully recognize God with male and female “identity” (for lack of a better word), as demonstrated clearly in the bible and blatantly through humanity. Want to ponder further? Check this 2-part post: -Transgender God, pt. 1: What’s in a Name
-Transgender God pt. 2: The Motherhood of God.

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Photo credits:
-Feature Image artwork/birdcage from Si Mei, though I didn’t relocate where I initially saw this image.
-Photo Stills from Henry Caville, Man of Steel (2013)
-Image of tattoo on woman’s neck, Victoria Beckham, scripture “I am my beloved & my beloved is mine – Song of Solomon”
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-Unofficial video for Garden City Music track: Best of Times? by Andrey Green
For other images not noted here, there’s either a reference directly in the photo, or I can’t locate it back (feel free to message if you see a source I’ve missed).

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