1. Some Christians care so much about the uborn children because they are…children. People. Fellow men. And as people, they deserve to be loved, protected and respected. Love should extend on everyone.

    1. Hi Maria, Thanks so much for sharing! I fully agree with caring about All people deeply, in& out of the womb. But we may doubt someone’s care is genuine if it stops once a person is born. For example, if a woman keeps her child, but is put down and called lazy for needing extra support (eg Welfare), and that support is very limited because of policy, plus she can’t get a good paying job because wages are kept low–not changed by policy, and health Care is a dream because certain politicians claiming to be Christian don’t believe or fight for universal health care, well… God said a tree is known by the fruits. Sometimes what we think (and hope) is genuine care, may actually be control in disguise.
      Just my thoughts, warmest,

  2. Awesome post, J! It speaks to me and shouts out for me. I love the Corinthians graf, the Dandelion graf. I took the poll. I appreciate the photo reference from Hidden Figures and the complete remarks of Emma Gonzalez, my newest HERO. You speak the truth about too many Americans who call themselves “christians” and “evangelicals” as they sully and soil the labels for all loving people as they loudly, proudly, arrogantly, hubristically, proclaim their hatred for people about whom ANYTHING is “different” and it’s clear they use/abuse/misinterpret the Second Amendment so they can kill whoever frightens them because something about the person is “different.” How frail, fragile, evil they are. That kind of hatred of their fellow Americans, fellow humans, God’s Children, surely will earn them a trip to hell, where they can continue their hating for eternity. These hating people who stand ready to kill people whose “different-ness” frightens them are not Christians. Ready to commit murder out of fear and gun availability, they are the worst of the worst and they should drop the Christian label, since their thieving of it repels good-hearted people who love God, love Christ, and like Jesus, love everyone regardless of any perceived “differences.”

    I love the sentence, “Don’t worry, the “Church” was never a building.” The “Church” if church in this reference means Christ, is in your heart, thus Church is wherever you are, hopefully doing good for someone in need.

    If hatred of others is in your heart, love is not there. And if love of others — especially those who may be “different” than you, and you stand ready to murder them with your guns if they cross your path, scaring your frail self — is not in your heart, then Christ is not in your heart. And. if Christ is not in your heart, you are not a Christian, and you should peddle your hate under a different banner, because, per an oft-used phrase, “God doesn’t like Ugly.” You are giving TRUE Christians a very bad name.

    May God continue to bless those humans who love EVERYONE, as His Son, Jesus Christ, did. Listen to those people, not the ones who say they’re Christians and Evangelicals who outrightly reject Christ’s teachings to love and care for those who need it, and instead worship the cold, dead metal gunsthey clutch, ready to pull the trigger that will knowingly propel hot metal into fellow human flesh, tearing it apart, causing a river of blood, cutting down to death a fellow American, or fellow human. This is murder based on hatred and fear, and there is nothing Christian about the people who scream for the right to pull the trigger to murder anyone who “scares” them because they seem “different.”

    May God continue to bless and keep those who are what He described as “the least of these” and the TRUE Christians who care for them. Amen.

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