1. Is thing on? Hello(?) Greetings from Sacramento CA. The “When I grow up I want to be a Junglist just like you” brought me here. Where / Who came up with that quote w pic?… Been rockin’ 160-180 since early 90’s. *Warning* Blog Ignorant. Looking forward hearing back from y’all…

    1. Hey Cyrus! Thanks for the love.
      I saw a similar image w/that text long ago (via Twitter i think), but couldn’t track it down. So I created this image for the blog. Its one of my favorite/most personal. Feel free to use/share, w/credit if possible. As for rocking that BPM from that tineframe, Ditto. Nice.
      Hope you find something that makes you happy on the blog. Any topics you’d like me to cover?
      Jasmine (@JasNotes)

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