“50 First Dates” with God: On Love and Our Forgetful Nature

Remember “50 First Dates,” where Henry (Adam Sandler) meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore) who suffers from a rare form of amnesia? It’s a funny love story that shows how a devoted heart will go to all lengths, even self-sacrifice, to prove itself.

Henry and Lucy-50 First Dates

When watching we may consider our own relationship with God–atleast I did. Every day looking for *Him in Every. Thing. Hoping for an encounter in anything from a flash in nature, or a song, or moment with the kids, fill in the blank. The stuff where your heart flutters and you catch a glimpse.

But sometimes it’s like *He’s not there.

earth_shadow_-Kennedy Space Center
Intense brightness, but soo0 much dark…

Sometimes, some days, some seasons, I feel nothing, sense nothing. I’m surrounded by Void. I hate these moments that unite against my heart’s grip on memories of when God showed up…

I, like Lucy, can use a reminder.

God rarely advises us to look back, but when it comes to divine encounters, there’s much encouragement to keep a record–from Noah and Abraham setting up stones after major events (including the Isaac incident), to Joshua leaving stones in the Jordan river, still there to this day.

These days we might keep a journal. Whatever it is, it helps.

But despite my forgetfulness, God, like Henry, shows up again and again anyway.

Each day Henry’s love grows, meanwhile we can only imagine what God, who doesn’t just have but “Is” Love, might do to win a heart (read: never take).

Henry eventually finds a way to win Lucy daily, and just as waves continually reach for the shore, we too hope that there’s a Love so Faithful it will never give up on us.


Don’t be discouraged or daunted in your relationship (or non relationship) with God.

Even with my back to the Ocean, I’ll still feel the water caress my feet…


For those digging the #GodSingsBieber series, here’s another taste of Heaven’s longing to rock long and hard with you: DNCE – ‘Cake by the Ocean’ (and yes, you are a Masterpiece.)

*I use He and His as pronouns for God but fully recognize God with male and female “identity” (for lack of a better word) as demonstrated throughout the bible and most blatantly through the human race.
Want to ponder more? Check this 2 pt post: “Transgender God” here.

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Photo credits:
-Feature and first image – “50 First Dates” (2004)
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-Walking on Beach – ipfh.org


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