“I Just Wanna See the Light” – San Holo and The Hope of Heaven

If you read #GodSingsBieber  or God Loves Drum & Bass, you know I think it’s possible to hear or meet God in places other than “Christian” songs and circles. Since my own religious lid lifted, I’m free to hear *Him everywhere..

Bumblebee and Samwitwicky
Transformers – Bumblebee spoke to Sam through a radio– why couldn’t God do the same or more?

One morning my son requested San Holo’s, “Light.”  We knew the artist from a passionate track, “Victory,” so were eager to play the request. Thanks to  Sound Cloud our car filled with the catchy melody and tender lyrics, ringing like a longing in my own heart: “I just want to see the Light..”

I guess I’m not the only one.

Light is crazy.

Physics identifies it as both Wave and Particle, plus the magic of prisms still blows my mind (a single white light = a rainbow?! Theology 101: We’re One).

Through Light we exist and enjoy, e.g. colors are amazing gifts we rarely contemplate (check this clip of someone getting colorblind-correcting glasses and seeing purple for the first time!).

When light shines through a prism, voila, Rainbow!

But Light can be brutal.

Aside from sheer burning power, it also magnifies imperfections.

My windows look great until the sun identified smears and prints. And I never contemplate dust until the curtain opens and morning light reveals the glorious little sparkles.

A single fingerprint on a satellite mirror, if hit by direct sunlight, can cause the panel to crack. #NoMercy.

Is there any forgiveness from that blazing ball..?

Sun Solar Flare-NASA

San Holo’s track touches the deep, rebellious longing to gaze at our Sun for more than an instant. But deeper still is maybe our longing to see the “Source”– to see and know our Existence, Purpose, Identity, Belonging.

Doesn’t everyone long to see True Light/Love/God?


It’s hard to fathom something like unconditional, GOD-SIZED Love, but we glimpse it whenever someone (even creatures) sacrifice something to help another..  the parent who gets up repeatedly through the night to comfort a sick child,  a sibling who shares her last and favourite piece of candy, extreme glimpses if someone gives their life for another.

This is the sacrifice Christians believe God gave the world, and its the same love—not religion— that Jesus called anyone claiming to be Christian to live today.

When I listen to that San Holo track, I think of the Source, pure Light & Love, and in a world of unspeakable darkness, I’m comforted knowing this Source is not only approachable, but personal, ntm destined to Win.

Love conquers all, right?

The arc of the moral universe is long but it beds towards justice - MKLKJr- Quote

Keep hope, everyone looking for a better world. One Day we’ll finally see the Light.

“So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.” (John 16:22)


Hey, I’m Jasmine, I’m drinking coffee and hope this post gave you a boost, or something to think about–in a good way. I love trying to get to the heart of a matter and try to share about a misunderstood– and I think often misrepresented– God. If you ever wondered ‘is this all there is?’ or felt like “church” or organized religion was a big mess and wanted nothing to do with “God,” or Christians, I feel you. Feel free to connect. <3

*I use He and His as simple pronouns for God but fully recognize God with male and female ‘identity’ (for lack of a better word) as evidenced through the Bible and blatantly through the face of humanity. If you’d like to ponder further, check Transgender God pt 1: What’s in a Name?, or pt 2: The Motherhood of God. You can also let this love letter to a transgender teen rock your world.

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Photo Credits:
feature image- possibly called ‘Slow Magic’ – artist unknown.
Sun image – NASA

2 Replies to ““I Just Wanna See the Light” – San Holo and The Hope of Heaven”

    1. Hey Dan,
      Thanks for reaching out and sharing this— I fully believe we are not confined to a certain music style or “worship” music to have such an experience. <3 If you're interested, I've got some more on this, e.g. a post on Drum & Bass:
      "God Loves Drum & Bass, Keep Calm/Let Loose"
      https://thisisheartinformation.com/2018/02/06/god-loves-drum-bass-keep-calm-or-let-loose), and
      "#GodSingsBieber: Hearing God's Heart on the Radio Ain't Crazy"

      Let me know what you think! What other jams have you transcended on?

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