1. Hi M4. Thank you for another great post. Much to masticate.

    God’s great gift to each of us of Free Will is a critically important topic for me as it seems to run counter to much of what is said/taught in organized religion (and I rail daily, hourly, against the twin monsters, Double Standard and Hypocrisy).

    This topic shouldn’t be as controversial as it seems to be. And, how sadly ironic that God seeks not to control us, yet in His name, organized religion, AND — NOW, MORE THAN EVER, GOVERNMENT — does seek to control us. Try to see if, in the Corinthians verses about Love, one can substitute “Organized Religion” or “Government” for “Love.”


    Have a blessed day. GVL&GZ, Gma4

    1. Thanks so much for these insights and affirmations. Indeed, it’s a deep yet fundamental truth: if God doesn’t try or want to control​ us, why on Earth does man think he can and should in the name of God?
      Thanks for helping me see these things before the time!

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