The Nitrous Oxide Connection: 6 Tips to Keep Your Joy/Power Tank Full

This starts with a snail named Turbo who dreams of speed. When Turbo almost drowns in an engine filled with nitrous oxide–and my kids and I started getting nervous— I started to wonder, hey, isn’t that laughing gas??

Turbo snail engulfed in nitrous oxide.png

SNL skits with Steve Martin flashed before me, and I checked Wiki: sure enough the stuff that numbs pain and causes giggles is the same stuff that turns car horsepower into unicorn power. Pow!

Turbo Movie-Snail Speeds Away.jpg

I don’t believe in coincidences, what’s the Universe trying to say?

Speed and Joy can go together like Slow and Annoyed, but does the connection run deeper? What if Fun, Laughter, and Joy are some of our Greatest Weapons in this life?

Is that why they’re constantly under fire?

*Check the NOS Science at 1:56min*

What’s so powerful about Laughter?

When real, it’s contagious and can make everything, including pain, depression, and cares disappear– if only for an instant, and sometimes that’s all we need.

Think about it:

How short is your temper when you’re cracking up on Cloud 9 with tears  flowing? For me, neither cranky husband, nor broken chair, or spilled milk and screaming kids can bring me down when Laughter, Joy and Giddy are turned on. On the other hand, if I get up in a funk, just one glance at a messy room can short a fuse.

Banksy-Bandit throwing flowers.jpg

Your Joy is your Strength.

In humans NOS produces laughter, euphoria and is on the WHO list of essential medicines as an anaesthetic (omg, it really does “numb” troubles..). In a car, this bluish gas containing more Oxygen than the air we breathe, produces Badass Power.

Joy is a major weapon in our Arsenal…

But one look at the News, personal setbacks, or a long glance at our past can shut it  down. If we’re not careful, Grief, Frustration, Pissed-Off and Bitter can take residence and those house guests raid cupboards, hang sh*t from the ceiling, and can call over those really bad friends if you’re not careful.
I’ve been there.

bad house party.jpg

Its hard to keep joy and laughter burning in our engine (spirit) amidst non-stop suffering in this world and/or our own hearts. But let’s be honest. Our objective isn’t to laugh troubles away–on the flip side, troubles should fire us up to do something.  Deep Joy smuggled in Hope can help us power through tough times.

Be Encouraged. The Universe needs You.

Here are 6 Tips to keep your Fun-tank full:
1.  Don’t stifle your silliness—that might be a cue for a spiritual re-charge!

2.  Look out for despair bombs in the form of News, headlines or social media. It’s ok to take a media time-out.

3. Watch those keyboard cat videos, fill-in-your-funny here, the funny gifs or pics your friends send. Might be a helpline from Heaven.

4. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Perfection is a black hole, and “serious” only looks good on us for so long. Is that another furrow in your brow, Jas? Laugh at yourself more, forgive yourself Always. Were all masterpieces in progress.

5. If you have kids or grandkids, get lost in their awe, simplicity and silliness sometimes. Stop where they stop, look where they look–especially if you’re stressed or running late. (Yes, really).

Kids are amazing at showing the world what’s really important in life: love & wonder for one another and the world around us..

6. Sometimes we need to shift gears Focus. Dwelling on grief about yesterday or today can steal hope and strength for tomorrow. Gear shifts require deliberate action, but they make the car more efficient, give more endurance…

Joy is the Serious Business of Heaven-CS Lewis.jpg

No matter what, be sure you were born for this Crazy Time on earth, and truly, what does the darkest, longest Night have to say to the rising Sun?!

earth_shadow_-Kennedy Space Center

There’s Power in your Joy, guard it fiercely, keep your NOS tank near and never be ashamed or afraid to rev it!

“I did not give you a spirit of fear but of Power, Love and a Sound Mind…”

*Listen when the Nitrous kicks in at 25mph!!* WAAHHH!

Hey, I’m Jasmine, just finishing a coffee and hoping this post resonated? How do you keep your tank full? Holla below!❤You can also follow the blog to receive alerts of latest posts, or subscribe for virtual coffee, inspiration and news of upcoming wild and geek projects.

NB: *I use He & His as simple pronouns for God, but fully recognize God with male and female “identity” (for lack of a better word) as demonstrated throughout the Bible and most blatantly through humanity. Related post, Transgender God, here, or this amazing love letter to a Transgender Teen from momastery.

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