Sometimes We Need Mud in Our Eyes to See Straight [#LoveHateCountdown]

Sometimes We Need Mud in Our Eyes to See Straight [#LoveHateCountdown]

Why did Jesus heal blindness two different ways? One man was healed with a word, the other with spit and dirt. It was a mess, it didn’t make sense, but after a rinse a man born blind could see. The religious elite didn’t like it. They held an inquiry, interrogating and frightening the parents. They asked the man: “what did he do to you?” but weren’t satisfied with the answer. They insulted him to the core and then excommunicated him.

But like all freaks, weirdos, outcasts and misfits, Jesus seeks us out…

One morning I awoke with this sentence in my mind: “Sometimes we need mud in our eyes to see straight.”new_york_city-Map

We can go about life all sorts of ways, including bad ones, and God is good about letting us “be” (check e.g. Eden or the world today...), but if we persist in things without heart, e.g. hurting others, wrecking lives… God will try (desperately) to get our attention.

He might snag our sleeve on a handle as we are heading to do what we maybe shouldn’t. He might stall us at a light so we can contemplate, or send a friend with uncanny advice. But we can choose to ignore everything.

God will try anything to remind our hearts to beat love, but we’ve always had the freedom to say: “F you.”

So lets get practical: American “Christians” may feel compelled to vote Republican because that party claims to be bible-based and opposes e.g. gay marriage and abortion. But let’s ask ourselves, who would we rather rule the world: Jesus or a Phariseedonkey-and-elephant-official smithsonian

We’d do well to forget dogma or party platforms–there’s a clear choice between Love and Hate on the line.

Does Love build “walls” or does Love tear them down? Does Love reinstate torture and round up fellow man, woman, and child based on religious preference or nationality? Has anyone looked at Jesus bleeding on a cross lately?

Note: Since the word “Love” has been so misused I wanted to share this guide.. 

God is Love (1 John 4:8)–plug that in these lines for new insight. Let’s try our own name…

When did we stop believing we should treat others the way we want to be treated?

Last I checked no one wants to live in fear of deportation, or to be told their heart’s love choice is invalid, or to be called names, or made fun of.

blind can see-mud in eye-JesusSo “Christians,” Americans, All of us… How is our sight? With a word one blind man was healed.

Are we swift to hear God’s Heartbeat? Or do we need the mud?

If the latter, it won’t be pretty–it may be downright horrific. Let’s apply “hindsight is 20/20” today.

heres mud in your eye-Jesus-911

This is the kickoff of a series, #LoveHateCountdown, where I hope to share about the greatest War in the world and encourage/activate the warriors (e.g. you and everyone else on the planet) to Fight.

Image Credits:
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