Open Letter to Anyone who ever Viewed, Considered, or Had Sexual Relations with Kids [#Hope, #BreakFree]

You may be a fellow parent at school, or a faithful church goer. Maybe even a pastor, or doctor, teacher, neighbor, police officer, businessman, bus driver, politician, janitor… You may be a friend or a family member, male or female, greying or in your prime, any race, religion or political party affiliation…

I’m not here to curse or condemn you. This is an honest letter from Heaven’s Heart to yours, hope you listen.

Did it happen to you in some way?  Or maybe some friends were involved and brought you in? Did you have more money than you knew what to do with? Maybe you tried to stop but it became like an addiction…

Whatever happened, I want to share four things with you:

  1. The world may call you a Pedophile and you may think that’s who you are, but I don’t believe that’s your real identity. I believe you’re deeply loved, God’s Own Kid. We may think our actions and thoughts are too heinous to be forgiven, and if they could be forgiven, we could never be loved. But the truth is God does love us and He did forgive us. This Love, poured out through the blood of Jesus, goes deeper than our worst darkness.
  2. There’s a real demonic/dark plan for your life (and the life of every human on the planet). Sadly, children are the #1 target. Each of us can be led astray by our own desires and fall into a trap to do the will of the one who seeks to Destroy us–not even our own will, and certainly not God’s (2 Timothy 2:26).
  3. We all make mistakes/“sin”/screw up and the Bible pretty much advises, contrary to popular practice, not to mess with people. Love (the 1Cor13 kind), Grace, and Mercy are to lead us, and pointing a finger at someone means four more point back at us. But we are called to speak up about sins leading to death, and engaging in sexual activities with kids is killing them. If they survive, they may contend for decades with depression, shame, self-hatred, self-harm, substance abuse, violence, crime, and suicide. But for you too: even just viewing images is participating in that death. And it’s killing you too…
  4. Time is Almost Up. Be sure, nothing you did was ever in secret. Floors, doors, even air molecules testify against you–but even now Jesus is fighting for you…
    For every pain and injustice in this world, God’s Anger burns Hot; a dormant volcano obliterates everything in its path when it finally blows–but God’s Core is 100% Pure, Fierce Love.

I don’t write this letter lightly. I was crushed when I glimpsed the child sexual abuse pandemic. There aren’t enough tears in my body to cry, I can’t scream loud enough, and there aren’t enough things in this universe for me to Destroy. But in prayer, I saw the world stills turns in a Mercy intended to save as many as possible from God’s impending Wrath. And stronger, in a flash instant, I saw your face like one of my own children–fragile, foolish, precious, my own.

A Parent’s authentic, unconditional Love isn’t contingent on a child’s behavior…

Now is a New moment for you. You can choose to turn from what you know deep down to be wrong. Separate yourself from this lifestyle, rid your house of images, avoid familiar places or habits that will try to lead you back. If you feel you can’t stop or need help, please check in somewhere, even if that means jail. Remember, Jesus said:

‘If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off […] because it’s better to enter Heaven with one hand than go to hell with both.’ (Mark 9:43).

It’s symbolic language but things are Serious now.

In the war to Destroy you, Fight back! And you won’t be alone– God Himself will fight with you, if you let Him. But if you persist in this lifestyle, or just don’t care, please know: the time is coming when God Himself will fight against you. And what’s coming is worse than any suffering endured by anyone on the planet ever… ‘as though a man fled from a lion, and a bear met him.. and he went into the house, leaned his hand on the wall and a serpent bit him…” (Amos 5:19)

Please, my plea to you: let Light break through the darkness and let Love pull you up. Heaven has Big Arms, and is rooting for you.

With a Love for you deeper than you know, and a hope and belief in the Amazing,


 *This alarm also sounds for those who transport, purely for financial gain, children or anyone for sexual abuse. Break Free! People are worth infinitely more than something so common as money. Love is the greatest treasure we can own. 

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