Superman: The Day We Realize Our Identity

When did Clark Kent realize he was different? In Man of Steel (2013) little Clark is overwhelmed by his super hearing and X-Ray vision in class. He hides in a closet and later asks his mom, “What’s wrong with me?”

How many times have you asked yourself the same thing?

We don’t always ‘fit’ in this world. We can feel like rejects, outcasts, misfits, and some of us have been so badly hurt— sorrows and pressure can drain us like a black hole. Is the world supposed to be like this..?

Am I made for something more..?


Epic battles and superheroes capture our child-like fantasy (or was I the only one flying and breathing under water in dreams??). It may seem silly, but maybe not if we consider our Divine Heritage…

“Is it not written in your law …”I said ‘You are gods'””? (verse)

Jesus quoted this from Psalm 82 and it’s still scandalous today. It’s a truth our hearts don’t embrace well, maybe because we’re not ready to accept it, or the ramifications are too great.

cygx1_black hole_NASA.jpg

Don’t we see daily the results of our power and freedom to do right or wrong? But God loves us still. (tweet)

When Jesus, a literal Superman, walked the earth, we glimpsed both our own identity and the God who loves us. Unconditionally.

man_of_steel___you will give the people an ideal to strive towards_Heart-in-Formation_WildKidsWildGod
This line from Man of Steel smacks of something God ‘the Father’ might have said to Jesus ‘the Son.’

Jesus silenced storms, raised the dead, healed the sick, fed the hungry. But these “super powers” weren’t about making himself Big, rather about helping others and confirming his radical message of Love and the Kingdom to come.

But every superhero must learn to control his/her power…


Cyclops, Jean Grey, Superman… they all had to learn to control and use their powers. In one scene, Clark Kent is getting bullied by a group of kids. They taunt him to fight back, but he refuses. Later the camera zooms in on the pole he was holding: CRUSHED.

If Clark Kent didn’t control his anger, he could’ve obliterated those kids.

Aren’t we all learning the same?

We have tendencies that war against the Kingdom we’re designed and destined for. Anger, hatred, lust, lying, stealing, hurting, gossiping, lack of self control …all things that hurt ourselves or others.

Ten commandments sum up in One: Love

Getting everything under the control of Love may seem impossible, but we’re not alone in it–God *Himself brings it to pass (Proverbs 17:3Phil 1:6) and one Day we’ll see *Him face to face.

But maybe more frightening is:  we’ll  Be.  Like.  Him.
(1 Cor 13:12, 2 Cor 3:18, 1 John 3:2)

God is waiting for the miracle-save the world-justice-love-JasNotes-authorunknown

Having all the power in the world isn’t a problem when you possess the Love needed to control it…

Everyone is here for a reason, maybe even we were sent, but regardless of what you believe, know this: We were born to be Heroes, and Heaven knows it. (Romans 8:37)

“..For creation eagerly awaits the revealing of the sons and daughters of God…” (verse)

Dope, Hope-ful Man of Steel trailer that should spark in all of us that we’re made for something more…

** I use ‘He’ and ‘Hi’s as simple pronouns for God but fully recognize Him with male and female identity (for lack of a better word), as evidenced throughout the Bible and most blatantly throughout humanity. Ponder more here, or check this Letter to a Transgender Teen on Spirit day to blow your mind.


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Photo Credits:
1. Man of Steel-Henry Cavill (Warner Brothers)
Largest Black Hole, NASA

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