When Divine Kids get a Planet to Themselves – The Ultimate House Party

It’s maybe every kids dream: a house to themselves. When kids reach a certain age and maturity level, parents will inevitably leave them home alone, maybe even over night.

Many 80’s movies show what can happen when parents go away for the weekend, and we expect sex, drugs and rock and roll–fun and foolishness. We’d never imagine oppression/abuse/hatred, but if we look at the world and consider God gave us the “keys” back in Eden, we see that’s exactly what we got…

beastie boys-fight for your right to party.png
Beastie Boys-Fight for your Right to Party!

We were supposed to take care of this planet, including all creatures and of course our fellow man, but freedom means just that–Freedom, including to blow it.

God is waiting for the miracle-save the world-justice-love-JasNotes-authorunknown

But isn’t this what we always wanted? To walk away from God and go it alone? To have the house all to ourselves? Deep inside us is a sense that we know it all and know better. Even my own little ones have spoken it out loud:

‘Let me do it myself!!’ Or worse, ‘I wish you were dead so I could do what I want!’ (Gasp!)

Justin Bieber hit it in his song I’ll Show You…

“I got to learn things, learn them the hard way
Gotta see what it feels like, no matter what they say..”

It’s the sentiment surging in every child when they reach for the hot pan, despite repeated warnings.

We thought we could keep it all under control but were so wrong: greed, heartlessness, and ignorance leading to the suffering and oppression of fellow humans, creatures… even the whole planet reeling from abuse.

Yet as bad as it is, there’s comfort in the pow-wow that took place before “Let there Be Light.” God saw the cruelty we were capable of, yet still chose to make us and let us be Free. And if God is Love, and God is God, then things are surely going to work out to good in the end.

Even if it means the very End.

The beauty of the gospel (literally ‘good news’) is this: We get to totally wreck everything and still go “Home.” (thanks Jesus!)

God is truly the Original Rebel…

So are we ready to clean up before “Mom and Dad” get home? All of Heaven is on our side–we were Born for this!
divine love

“Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his master made ruler over his household, to give them food in due season?  Blessed is that servant whom his master, when he comes, will find so doing.  Assuredly, I say to you that he will make him ruler over all his goods.” (Matthew 25:45-47)



This is Day 28 of the #WildKidsWildGod – 31 Days Looking into God’s Heart Series
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We can do this people!

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