1. I also witness God’s love in stones. Everytime I go to the beach, I find a heart shaped stone and always say, thank you Jesus for sending me reminders that I am loved and your child. After my dog, my son JoeyD passed away, I found 3 stones that were shaped as a dogs face, a heart with a smiley face and a dog. So unique, I kept them and posted on FB to share my gems. I also see it as my blessing from God that my father is sending me a sign that he loves me and misses me. Each stone is unique and I see why your son would be fascinated with each one. Very special to find such gems in nature.

  2. Thank you for this post, Mama Jasmine!
    As a woman who is blessed to be a mother, and a grandmother, this post made my heart soar with intense recognition of/identification with the topic — feeling one’s children and grandchildren are absolutely theeee most beautiful things one has ever seen in life.

    You keenly drew a connection from that strong maternal/parental instinct directly to how God feels about each of us, which helped me “get” the depth, breadth and intensity of God’s love and attraction to His 7 billion children – each of us beautifully made in His image.
    Thank you!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your readers!
    God bless!

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