1. Jasmine, thank you for a most profound/thought-provoking lesson: that because God gives each of us His sweet gift of Choice — thereby not making all of us into a planet of Jesusbots — no man, or lawmaker on earth can remove His gift of Choice in His name, since no man is greater/better/higher than God.

    I believe those who try to remove/delete/eliminate/erase our God-given gift of Choice, even as they call themselves “Christians,” actually pervert Christianity, and give true people-loving Christians a bad name. This is IMHO.
    Thank you for a deep and enlightening post.

    1. Thanks for this message… Indeed, it’s a sweet gift, but one that has cost us all so much, most of all God…Whose Heart has broken every time we chose to hurt and destroy one another, especially the little ones. May He make a swift end to this ‘old order’ of things.

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