Labels were never meant to stick…

We have a “rule” in our family about name calling–namely, don’t do it.

I know people like to joke and call names in jest, little kids yelling, ‘come on poopy head’ or friends teasing, ‘hurry up slowpoke.’ But I’m pretty sensitive and don’t like any of it.

Especially when I realized it’s happening all over the place, not just as playful or derogatory, but as identifying labels

Gay, Straight, Beauty Queen, Jock, Vegetarian, Vegan, Republican, Democrat, Nerd, Rebel, Techie, Trekkie, Californian, Christian….

It grieves me that society makes us feel the need to label-up: “I’m Gay,” “I’m Straight,”  “I’m Bi,”.. “I’m …” etc.,  as if that’s someone’s identity.

Your life is so much more than your love preference, food preference, political preference….etc.

Do we dare ostracize others for any of these things? In a world so focused on the external, its easy to forget what really matters:
Kindness, Compassion, Honesty, #1Cor13 Love…

God has many Names which help reveal *His Character but you can’t confine *Him to any single one of them. (I use He & His as simple pronouns for God but fully recognize God with male and female “identity” for lack of a better word. This being evidenced throughout the bible and most blatantly in mankind. See 2 part post “Transgender God” here).names-of-god-poster-names-of-god

My 6yr old told me a child in his class is Vegetarian. I responded: ‘that child may not eat meat, but you don’t have to call him a vegetarian. He’s just a kid–and an awesome one at that– let’s not put him in a box, ok? We don’t do that with God, right?‘ Right. So why try to confine people?

Sadly, even the label “Christian” is tainted. From “Christians” practicing convert-or-die theology during the crusades, to protestors speaking the same death and hate today. All in the Name of God. Killing, raping, burning crosses, stealing, gossiping, lying, hating….

There’s a confronting bible verse about this phenomena:

 “….those who handle the law do. not. know. Me…” (Jeremiah 2:8, emphasis mine)

There’s been, and still is today, so much evil committed in God’s Name or by those professing to know God or Jesus, it may be why Jesus himself is getting a new name (Revelation 3:12).

God takes teasing and name calling pretty seriously. A prophet got teased once. A group of youth jeered, “Go up you baldhead!” The prophet cursed them and bears mauled 42 kids (2 Kings 2). It’s another, ‘Whoa there, God!’ moment, similar to when Uzzah touched the Ark of the Covenant and was struck down dead (read my take here- “Can’t Touch God, Can’t Touch You”).words strong enough to break a heart

But this series has been about plumbing the depths of God’s Heart, and we know He takes mean, aka Love-lessness seriously. Not just for His Own Sake, but because of His Love for us. Afterall, we’re His Wild Kids and He is Love (1 John 4:8).

Just consider some effects of name calling and bullying: Poor self-image, eating disorders, depression, self harm, substance abuse, Suicide. Kids and adults alike are affected. How can God not take that seriously?!

You are free to label yourself however you like, but remember, you are Divine Offspring (Acts 17:29) and NEVER have to confine or conform to nothing and no one. Don’t mistake a label for your identity.  God says He is the “I Am” and as God’s Kid you Are, and always will be, Infinitely more…!

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