1. Dear Jasmine,
    I have read both your transgender posts today.
    You have such a burning heart for God and people, that shows through in every post I have read of yours. You bring up many truths as revealed in The Word of God. And while I personally believe that the duel genders of God, is NOT to be understood as parallel for those made in His image to have duel genders, because of the simple reason we are NOT God. That we can be “just like God” was the original lie of Satan to Eve. It is the lie that every other lie stems from. I am commenting NOT to debate transgender or homosexuality however, friend. I just finished a great book about an American missionary couple to China in the beginning of the 20th century. The end is so beautiful as he is now an old man, waiting to die basically in a home, wifeless, childless, not even feeling like an American anymore. God is so unsearchable, yet so awesome and loving and near despite the mystery. That was the theme of the book and it made me weep. Reading your words brought this truth to my mind. My advice to you friend, is not to keep finding the “right answer” about homosexuality and the church, but to keep trusting God everyday with your heart. I am glad you posted, don’t misunderstand, and believe it was spirit-led obedience on your part. But when we have a heavy burden task, then do it, sometimes we don’t know how to lay it down and let God take it over. This everyday trusting God, will enlarge your steps because your heart will get enlarged with His Holy Spirit. And you will bless and bring the glory of God to those around you in the process: our greatest and highest work!! Jesus is coming back and He and He alone will judge the nations, separating the sheep from the goats.
    I hope I have not offended.
    Cheers from the other side of the Atlantic!

    1. Hi Dear Leah,
      Thanks so much for taking time to read the posts and then also for your heart-felt comments. I am not offended, you write with such kindness and grace, it’s soothing for my spirit. My heart is to somehow come up and share where He has plowed my own heart. There are so many horrible things happening in the world (e.g. the sex trafficking/abuse/exploitation of little gradeschoolers in the US) and it angers me to hear “Christian” voices picking a very mean fight with someone’s identity (percieved or not). As if children hungry and homeless without healthcare wasn’t worth fighting so ferociously against either….
      Thanks for sharing about the book and your encouragements, admonitions. I will say, I don’t agree Satan’s original lie was that we could be just like God—in my mind, it was the contrary: I feel like his lie was that we weren’t. He came at Eve telling her she could be just like God meanwhile we were already made in His Image and His Likenesss…His Own Kids! (ofcourse the actual lie was “You wont die!.”) Man, sometimes we only understand the ramifications of something when we actually experience it. I mean really, poor Adam and Eve had no idea how bad, painful, gut-wrenching and life-changing death would be. And the spin-offs… Good Lord, all creation has been subjected to futility.
      What a glorious bondage all of us–mankind and nature too, will be delivered from! Indeed, may we keep hope that the time is soon indeed!
      Let’s keep following His Heart—there was never, nor ever will be, a law against Love. 😉
      Love to you from across the ocean, thanks again for your affirming and up-building words,

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