1. Jasmine,
    I love your words here, and am savoring them.
    Sorry for commenting so late.
    It is so true, our freedom and blessings, when we recognize them and then give them voice through praise towards God can not help but increase our empathy for the hurting world. Have you ever noticed that people who complain and compare often don’t give grace to others and lack compassion? I have been there. Not pretty.

    Thanks for posting and keep dancing, I will try to too!
    I get what you said about how secular music can speak to you. Even the disturbing ones, I think it shows the humanity and God need in people. Artists are always honest, so it just comes out. I wrote a post about an Adam Lambert song on the radio back in September.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Leah. SO happy if this blessed you a bit. (and yeah, I’ve been there too..). And I read your post on the Heart is a Ghosttown song…it was how I “met” you.
      Stay sensitive. My heart says we are all one big family even though not everyone knows…
      Love to you!

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