God’s Halloween Costume: Trick or Treat, What’s Your Worth?

Day 14 in the “Wild Kids, Wild God- 31 Days Looking into God’s Heart” series.

Did God ever dress up for Halloween? Charges of blasphemy coming my way, but my answer is yes. Before we unpack lets look at how I got here.

13 days ago I read an article that changed my life. My image of #childtrafficking was painted girls in Thai brothels or teen runaways (as if that made it any better). But the story of a 5yr old Floridian boy passed around in his community for abuse destroyed me (and I put the whole planet up for annihilation in response).

Whats your mental picture of #childtrafficking?

The headline read, “thousands were made off him…” and I did a double take– thousands, not millions??!!

A human being is Price-less.
Only Heaven Itself can articulate our worth…

Economics 101 says resources increase in value the rarer they are, yet humans, one-of-a-kind Divine Entities, have decreased in value.freedom-cost of a slave past and present

Somewhere along the way we bought the lie that people are a dime a dozen. Meanwhile each strand of hair on your head has a different color, every set of teeth, eyes, foot, finger, and tongue prints are all unique.

Did evolution foresee police profiling?

While no amount of money could ever match your worth, there is a gauge of value found in the old Biblical/Torah law:  “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth…”

“Whoever sheds man’s blood,
By man his blood shall be shed;
For in the image of God
He made man.” (Genesis 9:6)

God tried to protect us (like any loving parent would) by making sure we were identified–marked, if you will, like putting a CK Label on a shirt or giving your child your last name.  Man, Woman and Child, we’re all stamped in The Image (dont read that link if you can’t handle God has male AND female identity). jesus-stands-at-door

God takes “eye for eye” seriously because He takes you and me seriously. At a special moment in Time God ‘dressed up for Halloween,’ putting on Flesh and Bones and taking the name Jesus (Jeshua, meaning God Saves).

He went ‘trick-or-treating’ all over the place for three years to get the message out to us face to face: God is crazy about you. Be crazy about one another. And remember: when all is wrecked and wrong on this earth, keep Hope–something better is coming…

God demonstrated our worth not with something common like dollars, or brilliant like diamonds, but He went old school: blood for blood, flesh for flesh. And then God kicked that up a notch to remove all doubt just how loved we were/are: not just any blood would do. It had to be the blood of God Himself.

We are all, in a sense, dressed up for Halloween: beautiful and broken spirits wrapped in flesh and blood. Divine Offspring  of The Star Maker and Butterfly Wing Creator. Do you honestly think you can ever put a price tag on that? Well, God did: His Own Life.


To anyone who ever had any amount of cash passed around for them, Know This: You are in Precious Company. God Himself had cash passed around for His Life…
*Please note, I use He and His as a pronoun for God, but fully recognize God with both Male and Female ‘identity’–for lack of a better word– as evidenced by the human race and throughout the Bible (2-part post on this, Transgender God here).
*Photo of @JeromeElam used with permission. He writes at A Heart without Compromise

This is part of the  “Wild Kids, Wild God- 31 Days Looking into God’s Heart” series.
We belong to God but He desires our Total Freedom, read more: Born to Be Free.
The only limit to this Freedom is Love. Read: Wildly Loved, but Love Burns Hot

2 Replies to “God’s Halloween Costume: Trick or Treat, What’s Your Worth?”

  1. Another great post. Such a good metaphor of the value Christ puts on all of us. God has obviously put such a burning burden on your heart for trafficked children. Are you involved in any Christ centered outreaches in your area? That would help you to not feel so helpless. Like I shared last time, I became involved, trying to raise funds and awareness but God narrowed it down to simply praying, very specific for the woman who is heading up the effort to build a safe house for children, and the practical needs of this house, which still in not built. I will pray that The Lord gives you a focused area to minister in, nothing is too small.

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