1. I love this post based on a children’s book. I find myself reading more and more books for kids lately. I also find myself always being “the odd man out” so to speak. I never really fit in with my peers, was left alone as a child. I guess I just associate black sheep with rebellious/wrong. But I suppose if one was rebelling against the standard norm or acceptable behavior that would be a good thing. My husband and I are trying to walk out an authentic walk in Christ, not be part of the American Christian sub-culture. We believe there is a big difference between the two. Thanks again for the thought provoking post

  2. Like all your posts, I love this post, Mama Jasmine.
    You drew a surprising but solid comparison between a “children’s story’s” suspense and exciting, gratifying ending with God’s heart for His “rebels.” Masterful.

    I enjoy reading your posts for the fun and interesting kaleidoscopic glimpse into your life and interactions with your family… and then I get hit with a strong spiritual message that gets me thinking about God as more than an icon… as a real, thinking, feeling, caring FATHER who loves me, who loves us all.

    Thank you for guiding that uncommon and intriguing thought process for me… 🙂

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