Wildly Loved, but Love Burns Hot…

This is Day 2 of the Wild Kids, Wild God – 31 Days looking at God’s Heart Series.
Check the Introduction to the series here.

100 Million Sperm and only 1 gets to the egg. Let that sink in your self-confidence. My husband likes to joke: “If you’re here –alive, existing– you’re a winner…think of all the sperm that didn’t make it!”

You’re a Miracle  and I’m not the only one who thinks so…check this.

But maybe you don’t feel awesome, loved, or miraculous… sperm-egg_fertilitydoc

When I saw my son for the first time, I didn’t think: “oh, how cute!” or “I love him so much!” Instead: “I want to protect him.” I didn’t expect that. This desire surged ferociously through my body and though I just gave birth I felt ready to thrash anyone who came near him. I wondered: Does God feels like this about me…?

The first night my son was with us, all I could see was his face–everywhere I looked, from the ceiling to the tiles in our bathroom. It was strange and I wondered: am I on God’s mind like this..? Apparently there are more thoughts about me than there are grains of sand in the world…. (Psalm 139).

When my son has an injury, my spirit jumps with pain. Does God feel this too? The Bible says we aren’t even supposed to dash our feet against stones (Psalm 91:12). If He cares about cuts and bruises you better believe He cares about bigger things…

God’s Heart Wants No Pain/Sorrow/Tears/Injustice/Death for Anyone. And here’s where it gets interesting.

I was a pretty happy, bubbly girl. Then Motherhood threw dynamite on my heart and I found out how selfish (amongst other great failings) I was. But just when I thought the dust settled, I had a second child, and seeing my children interact, particularly if one hurt the other, BAM!, I was injected with Gamma…incredible hulk.

Seeing my children hurt one another ignites something Fierce and Scary in me. And I wonder: Is this how God feels about us? Because we are all His Kids…(1 John 3:1, Acts 17:28). And my honest answer is: YESLion-consuming-fire

Let me zoom in: I was with my 5 month old in a store and the shop attendant reached over the counter to stroke his face. She meant no harm, but I had to keep calm. My reflex was: How dare you touch my son! He doesn’t belong to you! He is Holy, Stand Back!  –breathe Jasmine–  Instead of flipping I accepted the touch. But the Momma Lion is dormant in me and I know God feels that too. Don’t believe me? Consider how angry you might be if someone hurt your child physically, and know that I’m already angry when someone speaks or looks at my -or any- child without love. If that’s something in me, that’s something in God.

For anyone who thinks God is absent, silent, or uncaring about all the pain, suffering and injustice in this world, Think Again: Just like we can imagine Love on a God-Scale, imagine God-Sized Anger.

That Wrath is Burning So Hot it’s Going to Melt the World, because every injustice, abduction, rape, every mean word and unkind look…went straight to God’s Heart. When someone hurt you, they hurt Him, but worse. And if they blessed you they blessed Him, but more.

We are all Gods Kids and when we hurt one another we put God in a bad position. Why? How can someone exact justice for their dead child, when the murderer was their other child? It happened to King David once…David exiled the offending son, but his heart longed for him exceedingly (2 Samuel 13-18, Bible, Torah)

I’ve personally experienced that I’d rather Destroy Myself than lay my Fury on my kids (and to be clear, I’m not talking about them refusing to share or something, I’m talking about punching, or kicking under the table when they think I’m not looking). People who say all “sin” is sin are misled. You can’t tell me the child who stole the candy has the same punishment as the man who stole a child and has her locked up… Hell No.

Love Burns Hot.fire box-Love Burns Hot_HeartinFormation-JNotes

God loves us and let us be totally free, but it came at a High Price–suffering for all. And just like I’ve literally wanted to die rather than touch my kids, God poured all the fury, rage, anger and disgust at every crime ever committed, on Himself. Jesus, our Brother who took the beating for us.

Why? Because someone has to pay for the crimes against that abducted girl, and the greed of that man that keeps a community of workers impoverished, or the cruelty of that child against those kittens….and…and..

People, you are wildly Loved. You are totally Free. But there is a serious Day of reckoning and judgement coming. Every pain suffered will be made right. God’s Heart for us is Life Eternal.

Heaven: Thanks for putting us on the guest list, Jesus. It’s the One Party I don’t want to miss–and I don’t want anyone else to miss it either.

Did churches or people claiming to be Christian mess up your idea of Jesus or God? He’ll try to win your heart back. We don’t “see” Him now because He wants us to be Totally Free (because really, if God showed up, could you even stand much less breathe..?)

God Holds Back so we don’t have to.by-his-stripesGods Love_JeanneHenderson

He wants you to reach your full expression. He accepts you as you are and “gets” you. He hopes you’ll live in Love and Kindness with the rest of the amazing People on this planet. He’s Love, Very Cool, but

He’s been so misunderstood, so misrepresented and so much bad has been done in His Name, it might be why He’s getting a New One (Revelation 3:12)

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“Can a woman forget her nursing child,
And not have compassion on the son of her womb?
Surely they may forget,
Yet I will not forget you.
See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands;
Your walls are continually before Me.” (Isaiah 49:16- Torah & Bible)

art credit: Jesus painting: Jeanne Henderson

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