1. I love this Jasmine!
    Our minds work in similar, circular, open ended ways.
    Realizing the upside down kingdom that Christ ushered in, that we have to chose to walk out, has shown me the good in being the weaker vessel, the refined gold that comes from submitting. My Pastor taught that Satan did not go to Eve first because women are naturally more wicked, as the church in years past have taught, but more spiritual. Our gifting of more naturally spiritual, has to be hampered with submission, just like Christ. “least I boast” as Paul wrote.

    1. Thanks for sharing this Leah! Yes, aside from God, Jesus and Angels, I don’t know anyone else who had a discussion with the adversary. You?
      But I don’t think I agree with: “Our gifting of more naturally spiritual, has to be hampered with submission,” because that to me is like giving my son a red crayon but telling him he can only use it when he draws with his left hand. Or, because I gave it to him he will be blindfolded so he can’t see it. I see some punishment in the remark of your Pastor so I don’t know that I agree.
      I’ve modified this post particularly on point 5 because my main heart is to talk about submission itself amongst Equal Beings and not particularly women submit. My husband so kindly pointed out that in some marriages/unions the woman might be the tough/strong one, or also consider same-sex unions. The important thing is to note is that sometimes we must submit to one another, though we are ALL Completely Equal.
      *This discussion reminds me of my post about Children being Heaven-reminders..
      “The Truth about Children”

      Love to you, thanks so much for sharing!

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