“Wild Kids, Wild God : 31 Days Looking into God’s Heart” [Start Here!]

Welcome! This is part of a #Write31Days Challenge whereby I hope to write a post each day (atleast, that’s the plan). But I’m not so good at doing anything ‘daily’ except waking up, so this is a challenge indeed! (Grace Please!)

Topic: “Wild Kids, Wild God: 31 Days of Looking into God’s Heart.” 

Background: When I first found out I was pregnant I tried to prepare with reading (after I got off the floor from Heart-in-Formation-Wild-Kids-Wild-God_Write31DaysSeriescrying–shocked, afraid, overwhelmed..). But when I saw images of my little one in the womb I couldn’t look at people the same. With every person I saw, I thought: Wow, you were in someone’s womb!  Every. Single. Person. From the old man with the bulbous nose, to the Punkrock kid with tattoos. I was in awe.

Six years and four children later, I still am, but now even more humbled. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the heartbreaking revelations I’d get of God as Parent. And the more I find out about God, the more I’m in awe of people…

For me, Parenthood has been a foreign Planet or scary rollercoaster (surviving because I’m strapped in!). I often feel like I’m losing my mind and my heart is being drilled like a NYC sidewalk.

I never knew I could be so angry, depressed, and physically/mentally/spiritually wasted until the kids came. I also had no idea how truly selfish I was/am, or how strong, crazy and wild Love could be. Is this how God feels about me?! Does God think like this? Does God Love like this..?! Wow…

So I’m writing this series to share some of my insights. And I hope you’ll be blessed!

Audience: This series is not just for parents or people who look after kids, Millennium_Force1_Rollercoaster-nicknoltebut for Everyone. We’ve all been children, wanted Love, and we’ve all tasted Anger and Sorrow. And especially for anyone who’s ever been hurt/rejected/angered by a “Christian,” or heard/saw/experienced something negative from a “Church,” I’m so sorry, and I’m writing for you.

God’s been misunderstood and misrepresented for ages… many of us have messed up…Big Time. I know, I’m one of them. But God, like any good parent, always has a Plan B…!

Disclaimer: People may be offended by what I’ll write, or claim I don’t show enough respect for God. While I’m afraid of making God look anything less than God, and possibly opening a door for you to feel a freedom that’s so darn Free it’s Dangerous, I honestly believe it would be a sin for me not to write this. I don’t have the full picture, may mess up, but my heart is to put a bit of God’s Heart “out there.”

So, are you ready?  Here we go……top of the rollercoaster,  about to zoom down……

Wild Kids, Wild God – 31 Days Looking into God’s Heart

Day 1: You were Born to be Free
Day 2: Wildly Loved, but Love Burns Hot
Day 3: Forgiveness & Forgetting –BFF
Day 4: The Day Before You Were Born…
Day 5: Anything for the Kids…Why I didn’t buy that Nice Jacket
Day 6: God’s Most Beautiful Drawing– Rejection
Day 7: Love’s Performance on the Test Drive
Day 8: God’s Sense of Smell, Poop Stinks
Day 9: Are You the Black Sheep? God ‘Gets’ You..
Day 10: Rejection, Anger – Empathy, Love: What they did to you, they did to Me [Part 1]
Day 11: Rejection, Anger – Empathy, Love: What they did to you, they did to Me [Part 2]
Day 12: Pharaoh’s Hardened Heart– Do I love Because I Must or I Want to?
Day 13: The Ax at the Root…Why I cut down my Grapevine
Day 14: God’s Halloween Costume: Trick or Treat, What’s Your Worth?
Day 15: What I didn’t Say to my Son this Morning…Confessions of a Perfectionist Tongue
Day 16: When the ball blew away…Little Things Matter
Day 17: Present yet Invisible…Keep Hope in Despair
Day 18: Real Love and Self Control–Hug me as tight as you can!
Day 19: Don’t Carry a Thing… Not Even Anxiety
Day 20: The baby in a feeding trough: A Secret of the Manger
Day 21: Transgender God, Part 1: What’s in a Name?
Day 22: Transgender God, Part 2: The Motherhood of God
Day 23: Can’t Touch God…Can’t Touch You
Day 24: Labels were never meant to stick…
Day 25: God’s Love is deeper > our Worst…
Day 26: Puberty of the Soul… Freedom & Choices
Day 27: You are God’s One and Only
Day 28: When Divine Kids get a Planet to Themselves – The Ultimate House Party
Day 29: God does Dishes & the Laundry–Glimpsing a Servant King
Day 30: The Day we Realize our Identity
Day 31: Nesting made me Nuts: How Prepping for Baby points to Heaven’s Heart

Love is not too complicated. Crazy? Yes. Strong? Absolutely. Complicated? Maybe not.

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  1. I’m so excited to read about God/learn about God through your experiences/through your eyes, Mama Jasmine. It is exciting to me to think that I can learn something about God from a place other than the Bible. Thank you for all the sharing you’re doing about your life and your feelings about God and your children. I look forward to your posts, and this series. Thanks and blessings.

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