Beauty fades, Kindness Never Goes Out of Style

1 Real Woman, 18 photoshopped versions from around the world, Lesson learned = You Are Beautiful.  Period.

Everyone is “one of a kind”, never to be repeated, and never to be replaced. Be Yourself and don’t be bothered byoriginal-image_Beauty any “standards” which are always changing and never satisfied.

If we want to work on anything, let it be our Kindness and Love. That never goes out of style and does a world of good. Literally.

Check the Video here, or slideshow: “Perceptions of Perfection.”

2 Replies to “Beauty fades, Kindness Never Goes Out of Style”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this reflection, Lori! Indeed, if we don’t have to “doubt or guess or “hope” for approval” that does bring Peace! I think of a soul weaned…
    Liefs! (thats: with love, pronounced “leafs”, in Dutch)


  2. Intriguing study! When you try to please “Man”, you will always fail – because Man is not constant. Thank heaven that God is constant and doesn’t change! I can know exactly how to please Him, I don’t have to doubt or guess or “hope” for approval without really knowing where I stand. What peace that brings!

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