Watch: Colorblind man sees Purple for the First Time #HeavenGlimpse

It’s so easy to take vision and the beauty of color for granted. Watch the video when someone who is colorblind sees purple for the first time. Get a glimpse of how beautiful the world around us actually is. His response to grass broke my blind heart. 

Is anyone else watching these feel like we are getting a glimpse of heaven..!?

Amazing and humbling videos below. Please watch the first video, and if you like added science perspective, check the second:

2 Replies to “Watch: Colorblind man sees Purple for the First Time #HeavenGlimpse”

  1. This made me think of how somewhere along the lines God changed my eyes and brought the Bible to Life for me. Before I couldn’t see it or hear it., maybe because it had always been presented like a dull, lifeless sermon on a Sunday morning.

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