Makes no sense…Strawberry Tops

I’ve eaten strawberries my whole life and always thought the green tops were just that: green tops.

But upon closer inspection I found pattern and symmetry: triangular, pointed leaves in Star-formation, interspersed with oval strips.Ā  Stunning!Ā  Next time you see strawberries in the store check it out for yourself. Is there an evolutionary purpose for that?

What hidden bits of beauty have you found in the “ordinary” lately? strawberrystrawberries strawberry-starstrawberry-star pattern

One Reply to “Makes no sense…Strawberry Tops”

  1. Loved the Cinderella analogy. Recently Cinderella was shown at the movies it was a remake. Interesting because her name was originally Ella and after she was in a dungeon because of her step sisters and was covered in soot she was called cinder- as in smoky -hence Cinderella. She also had recently lost her father as he was very ill. Anyway great analogy. We should learn from Cinderella’s humility and love like our animals, unconditionally.


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