Rainbows are actually Full Circles!

Apparently, when seen from above, rainbows are actually CIRCLES! Considering rainbows are noted as symbolizing the promise of God never to wipe out the earth with water again, it seems appropriate that it be a circle, like a ring: never-ending and unbroken, like promises are supposed to be…

Check the details of the rainbow pictured via NASA.full rainbow from helicopter_leonhardt_1500

Note: I find it interesting that in this picture, everything appears brighter in the rainbow ring. Reminds me of that phrase ‘rose-colored glasses.’

I’m also wondering:
-Why did this particular rainbow “follow” the helicopter for more than 5km?
-Why do double rainbows have their color set in reverse, that is, ROYGBIV to VIBGYOR? If this is just a sunlight+raindrop phenomena, what sense does that make?
-How can we understand the red & yellow-only rainbows?

3 Replies to “Rainbows are actually Full Circles!”

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