Makes no sense…Butterfly Wings

Apparently all that ‘dust’ on your fingers after touching a butterfly wing is actually individual scales, like fish scales. And each scale has a tip, imagine the base of a feather. What?! Wiki info here, but wonderful explanatory and exploratory video below.

butterflywing upclose2-bluebutterflywing upclose3-calicobutter wing upclosebutterflywing upclose-tulip edgesbutterflywing upclose-wispy yellowbutterfly wing upclose periwinkle

Thanks Mr. Linden Gledhill for the great photos, and Destin @SmarterEveryDay for the great info!

2 Replies to “Makes no sense…Butterfly Wings”

  1. “Awesome” seems inadequate.
    Get Smarter Every Day guy describes it as layers of beauty. Yes. Layers of awesome. Cosmic awesomeness. Indescribable God-awesomeness/God beauty. This much awesomeness can only be God. How fortunate are we to be able to get glimpses of God’s awesome, intricate work … and realize if He spends that much time on butterfly wings, how much more time and intricacy and beauty has He put into we, who are made in His image. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

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