Keep Moving Forward–Grace and Choices

If you’ve ever been on a bike you know that slowing down too much can cause you to fall. You have to keep moving in order to keep steady. I think life can be like this–we keep moving forward, or we start to fall…

When it comes to decisions, I freeze-up. I don’t like detours of mistakes, leading down roads of trouble and paths of apologies. Oh dreaded apologies! So instead, I desire clear instructions, like a detailed map, from God Himself. This, to me, is preferable to stumbling through my own choices.

But choice-making is part of the amazing freedom God has given me. Do I trust that He knows me well enough to have each turn I take covered?

But with freedom comes fear- fear of failure, saying or doing wrong things, missing the mark, and the dread of all the possible outcomes of “wrong” choices.uplifting-woman-biking-free

Messing up keeps us humble! And a good helping of humility keeps us kind to one another. And that’s Christ-like.

My perfectionist tendencies clamor to take me down and I’ve wanted to quit many days. Days when I fail–I lost my temper with the kids again–I medicated on chocolate again–I let everyone down…I let You down, God! I fall apart easily and have often collapsed in a heap of self-destructive thoughts.Ā  Am I the only one experiencing this?

I realize it gets so bad because my personal mercy score is dangerously low. And my understanding of His Grace is almost non-existent, downright pitiful.

G R A C E….
God’s Grace–undeserved favor, blessing without condition, easiest understood through Love. It Dad picks me up, dusts me off, and calls me to keep going, again and again. Don’t stop pedaling the bike, even if you’re not sure where you’re going.

I need God’s Grace like I need oxygen.

We may fall, but we get back up. We don’t know where we are going, but we are trusting He has it already covered. Pressed, but not crushed…struck down, but not destroyed. We are more than conquerors though Him who loves us (Romans 8:37).

So let’s show tHis love to one another, encouraging one another to the finish line.

Do you find it hard to “keep biking”? Have you experienced God picking you up with His Love, Grace, and Mercy lately?

ā€œI do not set aside the grace of God; for if righteousness comes through the law, then Jesus Christ died in vain.ā€ (Galatians 2:21)

4 Replies to “Keep Moving Forward–Grace and Choices”

  1. I really needed this today. I am trying to serve God and point others to Him and now my family is under attack in the Spiritual realm. Jesus’s truth is so wonderful and free and the Devil is doing everything He can to discourage those of us who want to share these truths. Thanks for stopping by. I am praying special blessings over you and your family today.

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    1. Hey Dear Mary, thanks so much for stopping by and blessing me by letting me know this post encouraged you! I pray you will stand strong in the storm and keep your hearts full of love. When Peter was coming out onto the water its not like it was all peaceful at sea. The wind was “boisterous”–there are troubles in our days. But remember to turn your eyes now and again from the storm to the King of the storm. You might feel peace flow into your heart immediately–I have..
      About sharing…I read a beautiful quote once–‘always tell about Jesus..if necessary, use words..’ If you carry Love, you carry His Fragrance! Praying for peace in your heart and mind, may you be assured that nothing will come against you that hasn’t passed The Father first. (please know I am encouraging myself as I am writing this to you!)
      You are so very loved. Hugs from Holland and thanks so much for the follow,
      Happy to “meet” you,


  2. My personal mercy is dangerously low as well and I can find forgiving myself for mistakes a hard thing to do at times. Sometimes I just want to get off the bike but only through His strength do I keep moving forward. I love the whole bike analogy. Bravo to you for this post…loved it!

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    1. Hey Rosie, Thanks so much for the visit and sharing. I wonder if it’s so hard to forgive myself because something in me says if I do, I let myself off the hook….its so hard to put into practice that God paid for eveything already. I can never make a contribution for a fault. Im like the girl going shopping with Dad–and everytime I try to pay, He tells me, nope, already paid for it. But I want to pay for it!! Sorry, you can’t–you never could…–
      Let’s be gals who let ourselves off the hook more often and just accept the new coat of His Righteousness everytime we go to the “store.” šŸ˜‰
      Thanks again for your encouragement!, Jasmine


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