Feeling like a Wasteland, but Beautiful as a Bride…

Yesterday I was on my bike for the first time since giving birth to my son. I passed a former patch of rotten, trash-ridden shrubs in my neighborhood. The municipality decided to remove pavement and make a new green space, but the foliage looked terrible and became a home for random trash and rogue scooter tracks. purple flower fieldBut yesterday I saw it and couldn’t believe my eyes…

What was once a wasteland became a lush field. The neglected trash ground became a place of great beauty!

It was so beautiful I had to get off my bike and admire it. I had such physical pleasure looking at this rich purple field. The picture does not do it justice. I was mesmerized and felt I could stay admiring the field forever. But I had to leave and as I did I considered:

If I have such a strong reaction to a simple plant field, if I feel such a sense of pleasure, am overwhelmed by it’s beauty…how much more does God feel as He looks at us?

If you would ask any rich family with kids what their greatest treasure is they would tell you: the children of course!

God says we are so loved and of such great value, and no one can fully comprehend it. Apparently all creation is waiting for the big “reveal” of the sons and daughters of God. (see Romans 8:18,19).

We are God’s workmanship and the original Greek text (Eph. 2:10) says “poeima,” the word from which we derive “Poem.”

We may feel like that rotten green wasteland, but we are actually exquisite poetry. We may not see how anything good can come out of or from us, but God sees what will be. Just like when he spoke to Gideon who was hiding in a winepress—“Hey you, mighty man of valor!”

Who me?
Yes you!

Keep holding on, the wasteland will Blossom.

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    This is wonderful!
    I greatly appreciate your amazing way of pondering/looking at the things/the world around you!
    Thank you for sharing your special insights!

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