When you can’t see around the corner–taking Steps in the Dark

Why do we like to know everything? Ever since the garden of Eden we got the clue that mankind likes to be in the loop. After all, wasn’t that what the “apple” was supposed to give us?

But we can’t always know everything. And sometimes we have to take steps where outcomes are uncertain.

One of the most frightful yet fortifying things is when you believe you have to do something and have NO CLUE what it will look like. ‘How can this be?’ ‘What do I need?’ ‘How will it turn out?’ How do I get there?’ indiana jones-leap of faith

Sometimes we need to move without having all the answers. But isn’t that what faith is all about?

And what happens if you get a direction that makes absolutely no sense? You start doubting yourself: ‘Am I out of my mind?’ Maybe friends challenge you- ‘God told you what?!’ Are you Bonkers?

If this is you, take courage! Here are some examples of people who went through this:

  • A young girl gets a message from an Angel. (a what?!). She is supposed to give birth without having known a man. This sounds crazy and she asks ‘how can this be?” but decides to trust. But it spells personal and social disaster, including the potential loss of her fiancee and the most certain label of a nutcase. Nine months later a baby is born who fulfills multiple historic prophecies.
  • A wife hears a warning. ‘Your husband really messed up, offended some big guys…” If this wife doesn’t fix things, everyone could be killed. She makes preparations and stands between an angry warrior and her family. She doesn’t know if her actions will make a difference, but they do and an epic disaster is averted.
  • An orphan girl-turned Queen gets a message. She must face death by standing unsummoned before the King, or perish with the entire Jewish nation. No matter what she does, her life is on the line. She “can’t see around the corner.” But she bravely takes a step of faith and the result? Israel exists today.

What are you facing? Is it too big, too difficult, too impossible for you?

Something in me hopes so, because it is in those times of total uncertainty, feeling like you are about to step off a cliff, that we get a glimpse of the Miraculous. There you find out, like Indiana Jones did, that there is a path over the edge.indiana_jones_last_crusade-cliff walk

If you are facing a “cliff” moment, be brave. Don’t be afraid. You can’t see around the corner but we have a Father in Heaven who can.

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