Did God Change Your Plans?

Drats, I left my bank pass at home. It took all morning to get out the front door with my 2yr. old. All morning and every bit of strength and patience I could muster. I probably didn’t even get a shower in. But just agendaas we enter the grocery store I realize I left my wallet at home. Great. I turn around grumbling, bitterness and frustration brewing in my heart…

I hate backtracking with a passion.

I walked past the local playground and let my son out of the prem. I was determined to do something after all the mornings efforts. It was early Monday and no one was outside. Through the mist I could see a mom approaching with her son. I greeted her and after talking a bit, I learned she lives on my street.

Had I not left my bank pass at home this Divine appointment would have been missed.

I had been kicking myself for being so irresponsible, so unorganized, and so much of a mom-failure that a simple thing like leaving the house became a great feat of strength and determination.

How about you? Are you beating yourself up about something? Did you loose your keys or leave an important file behind? Did you turn right instead of left and are now lost? Are you overwhelmed and frustrated–things are just not going according to plan..?

Think about this: divine appointments may be scheduling in the background, accidents might be being avoided…if you didn’t forget that file, you wouldn’t have gone back to the office and you wouldn’t have passed that girl and smiled at her. And that girl is really, really depressed. You have no idea how much she needed to see a smiling face…

If something goes “wrong” or falls outside of your planning, it just might be a blessing in disguise.
If not for you, for someone else.

I’m trying to learn to welcome the interruptions and out-of-my-control occurrences. Will I pout or barrage myself with my own failures? Or do I give in and trust, albeit blindly, that God might be working something behind the scene. Though what’s happening might hurt/aggravate/totally ruin my day/insert-your-feelings here, I believe God loves everyone and considering the unfathomable connectedness of nature, I’d say He’s a pretty good planner. Couple Master Planning Skills with Love on a God-Scale, and your agenda breaker surely has Good at the end of it, somewhere.

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