Before you were a thought, You were a Dream…

Two years after my son was born I wasn’t expecting another baby. In fact, I was trying not to be pregnant. But I had a strange feeling and purchased a test. Voila, a blue cross…

While we didn’t know about, nor plan for a baby, God must have. For example, we just got a new home with 2 extra rooms. Three days before we got the keys, we found out we were going to need them…

Our daughter’s birth announcement read: “Before you were ever a thought, God knew you… before you were in my womb He saw you, and before you were born He loved you…”

What if we knew we were one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-repeated, totally unique and radically loved human beings? What if we could see we are break-the-mold reflections of God? If that’s true, then there are things of God that only get expressed through each of us individually. How cool is that?!

Would you be kinder to yourself if you knew this? How would you treat others? As my husband likes to joke: “you’re so unique and special….just like everyone else!”

Maybe you were told you were “unplanned” or a mistake. Did a parent say they didn’t want you? I’m so sorry.

You may have been an “oops,” or rejected by man, but you were dreamt of by God. You’ve been Hand-crafted, hard fought for, and desired like the south magnetic pole longs for the north.

Maybe this all seems like foolishness to you in a world of pain and sorrow. But consider this: if there is a God, then He knows every pain you’ve had, every tear you shed, every hair on your head. And it’s all precious and priceless to Him. He’d be the only one in the universe who truly “gets” you. And if He’s there, then He loves you on a God-scale. And that’s mind blowing, because

the One who would know the worst about us would be the One who loves us the most.

This is a totally strange and absolutely unconditional kind of love. If you have children, you’ve tasted it.

Believe you are Unique, you have Purpose, and you are Loved, No Matter What.

…we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. (1 John 3:2-Bible)

Want to know more about God’s Wild Heart for you? Check the series: “Wild Kids, Wild God: 31 Days Looking into God’s Heart”

*Note: I use He and His as pronouns for God, but fully recognize God’s male and female ‘identity’-for lack of a better word – as identified by the Bible,  e.g. Genesis 1:27, and demonstrated by the Human Race. 2-Part post here: Transgender God Part 1: What’s in a Name, and Transgender God Part2: The Motherhood of God.


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